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Superstar Showdow: Blom, Haxton To Face Off In $1 Millon Match

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Today we learned Blom and Haxton have negotiated the terms of a play-to-the-death duel beginning in just two days. The rules are not the ones you see in the average, everyday SuperStar Showdown.This is where, to borrow and corrupt a phrase, stuff gets real.Blom and Haxton are both putting up $500,000. Beginning Saturday at 1pm ET, they will sit down for a SuperStar Showdown-format match. The blinds will be $200/$400. The game will be no-limit hold'em. The hand-cap?There isn't one.In normal SuperStar Showdowns, the match ends after 2,500 hands or whenever somebody has won $150,000. In this special match, the game will go on for four hours a day until one guy has a million bucks and the other guy has nothing. You read it correctly. If four hours passes on Saturday without one guy felting the other one for the full half-million bucks, Blom and Haxton will start again on Sunday. And then Monday. And so on until one guy's stack sits at zero.
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This showdown is sick! When I see a pot they are playing for all I can think about is that would pay for my truck, that one would pay for my house, there is my kids college fund. It's pretty exciting to watch.

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