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And i'm starting to think about skipping the flush draw, because i havent got many yet and ive played 1k hands this session, mabye got 1 or 2 -.- i have AK spades and 1s2s3c4d5h always happens to me and i feel like i have to call til the river in case one hits.
I like pocket 11.nuwn, post some hand histories where you had questions in NLHE. You have to be aware that even 1,000 hands is a small sample.
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I'm not sure of your level of play, but you still can't ignore pot odds. There are times when hanging around makes sense and other times when it doesn't. If you think you're behind and know your opponent has hit his card, you should at least know your outs and learn the 4x2 rule for quick odds math. It'll help you decide if its worth continuing with the hand or not. Whether you are playing NL Zoom poker or limit holdem, you still need to make logical decisions when it comes to card chasing and applying some math helps.i don't really know what you meen bout "level of play" and i only play NL^^ the pot limit play just bugs me since they never stop puttng money in and you cant bet high enough so that they get scared and fold. but thats how i see it^^Glad it's worked for you, keep at it :club:
I do usually count outs, but i do forget to do so sometimes, but when i see a KK in my hand and someone bets all in and i wont go broke on it, i feel like it's worth a shot, never thought he had 67 and got the str on the river but that was already an all in, but mabye i shouldnt call all in's b4 i know it's safe :/ After that one, i tried the same tactic many times, no hit so far and the money keeps ticking down, but i guess everyone loses before they can become good players, i 've still got alot left to learn^^
I like pocket 11. nuwn, post some hand histories where you had questions in NLHE. You have to be aware that even 1,000 hands is a small sample.
If i find some interesting hands i'll post, but that was some time ago and loads of hands^^don't know if i (shit..my english..) not even translater can translate it-.-))anyways it was some hands ago^^the 1 2 3 4 5 was an example haha xDsorry for the bad quote work here, i'm not use to this^^
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