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ikr? I saw the blog on CardPlayer.com and read that part and was thinking it was prolly a female issue or something of that flavor and he just wanted to semi-air it out and let them know he can bring it out in the open for future aquaintance ref. DN seems so open with so many people in the industry, I figured it would have to be outside of the grand ol' world of poker. Jeez, I hate Nat'l Inquirer stuff, dont know why I'm posting here.

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From 2 + 2:"Wonder if his "personal betrayal" issue is related to JH and his finally discovering the truth relative to the line of BS she has been feeding the "gullible him" for years relative to the source of her wealth. Wonder if "pathological liar" rings a bell as it might relate to "personal betrayal"?"Come on now. Talk to us.

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