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Aussie Millions $250k Challenge

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The $250K buyin challenge at the Aussie Millions is about to begin and Daniel is playing.They're expecting between 14-20 players today and it's a fast structure with a limit on the time that players have to act as they want to get this tournament done in one day.Coverage will be on Poker News and Daniel will be sending updates via Twitter.Good Luck Danielhttp://www.pokernews.com/live-reporting/20...-000-challenge/https://twitter.com/#!/RealKidPoker/Daniel's Twitter UpdatesRealKidPokerDaniel NegreanuThat's my buy in for the tourney tomorrow. $250k to flip some coins. Turbo structure won't last long http://pic.twitter.com/VURiX5XORealKidPokerDaniel NegreanuAs expected a late start to the 250k. Lots of players it looks like. 14 is the expected numberRealKidPokerDaniel NegreanuStarting with 12 now and several on the way. My table Seidel Dan Smith and two Asian guys follow @dnchips to see updates on your twitter appRealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips 250k starting stack 500-1000 blinds 40 min levels.RealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips added Phil Ivey to my table on my left.RealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips 289,500 end level 1. Blinds DOUBLE to 1k-2k now 13 signed up nowRealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips just added @LuckBoxJuanda at our table. Dwan already out 14 signed up nowRealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips 250,700 end level 2. Going to 1500-3000. Looks like there will be 16 which means it will count for Bluff POYRealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips in order to my left Antonius Juanda Ivey Seidel. We are moving to the TV table nowRealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips 216,800 end level 3 going to 2k-4k blinds. Started with 16 it looks like and 14 are leftRealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips end level 4 316k won a pot vs Ivey he didn't seem to be happy about. 3k-6k blinds after 45 min dinnerRealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips 13 left now we lost Durr and two Asian players. I'm back to 252k grindingRealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips Ivey raised UTG I call button AJ flop T64 checked J I bet 17k river Ace I bet 37k he called and seemed steamed upRealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips busted @LuckBoxJuanda in 13th my AQ on button vs his 44 big blind. Turn Queen up to 447k leader at my tableRealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips payouts are wow! 2 mil 1st 1.2 mil 2nd 800k 3rd. Pretty big bubble. Just lost Trickett. Down to 11 nowRealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips Seidel out in 11th place. Two tables 5 handed now. Let's do this #DNegsGrind2012RealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips 498,500 end level. 4-8k nowRealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips 385,500 end level blinds going to 5k-10k. Still 10 left.RealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips lost one of the biz men. Down to 9 now combining to one table. 365,500 went thru one blindRealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips Order: Mercier Bloom Antonius Smith Hansen Mizzi Winfred me Ivey. Ivey drew the seat that doesn't have to show holecards. Weird.RealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips end level 295k still 9 left blinds 6k-12k. Gus Hansen appears to be leading with Phil Ivey in second. #forrnowRealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips Ivey busts Mercier in 9th place. 8 left 3 get paidRealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips Ivey takes a big hit KK vs Patrik 22 flop Q82 all spades Ivey had a flush drawRealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips PA KK vs Mizzi AQ. Sorel makes runner runner flush to double up. Still 8 leftRealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips 308,500 end level. Going to 8k-16k now. Chips should fly in the next hour or soRealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips good level up to 561k avg is 500k still 8 left but blinds go to 10k-20k. I'm playing well and feel great #DNegsGrind2012RealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips I busted Dan Smith K9dd vs QQ I hit a King. 7 left. Chip leader. #mashingRealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips 1,167,000 end level. Mizzi busts Bloom and we are down to 6 players.RealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips Ivey AK Gus 22 as Gus doubles to about 450k.RealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips 1,035,000 end level going to 15k-30k I'm either 1st or Mizzi then Ivey Patrik Gus and WinfredRealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips I busted Winfred T8 vs AT flop 887. 5 left 3 get paid. 800k for 3rd nada for 4thRealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips Gus doubles thru Mizzi flop JJ6 J5 vs AT for MizziRealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips Ivey TT vs Mizzi 99 flop JT7 all clubs Mizzi has a club but Ivey holds 4 left.lKidPokerDaniel Negreanu4 left in the 250k buy in event: me Phil Ivey Pattik Antonius Gus Hansen. 4th gets NOTHING 3rd is 800k. Nice bubbleRealKidPokerDaniel NegreanuFollow pokernews.com for more updates. Ivey 1.4 mill me 1 mill Patrok 970k Gus 570kRealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips sick ICM spot. Bet y'all didn't even know I knew what that is! Prolly more aware than the other 3 leftRealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips Gus all in w 88 vs Patrik A7 and doubled up. That wasn't good for me.RealKidPokerDaniel Negreanu@dnchips end level 873k blinds going to 25k-50k been really card dead but hanging tough. This is we're the fun startsRealKidPokerDaniel NegreanuSlightly disgusted 4th on an 800k bubble. Never had anything last 90 min moved in with A8 vs Patrik's JJ

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After being postponed for a day to accomodate some played preoccupied with the Chinese New Year, the 2012 Crown's Aussie Millions Poker Championship $250,000 Challenge is about to get underway. The stage is set in Studio 3 and all the remains to be seen is just exactly will fork over the largest buy-in in tournament poker history. Last year, this event drew 20 runners and created a prize pool of $5 million! The field included three Chinese businessmen: Paul Phua, Richard Yong and Wang Qiang, who were joined by the likes of Sam Trickett, Erik Seidel, Tom "durrrr" Dwan, Phil Ivey, and Daniel Cates, just to names a few. All of those players are back and expected to play this event, even Ivey, who busted the Aussie Millions Main Event less than an hour ago in 12th place, barely missing out on the final table. In addition, there are some new faces in the land down under who will be in today's field including Jason Mercier and Daniel Negreanu. As the latter wrote on his Twitter: "That's my buy in for the tourney tomorrow. $250k to flip some coins. Turbo structure won't last long" Negreanu is referring to the fact that this event is designed to last only one day, meaning it is a turbo; as such, you can expect some high-octane action right from the starting gate. We're not sure exactly how many players will be in contention this afternoon, but we'll know soon enough. One thing is for sure, Seidel, who won this event last year for $2.5 million, will be intent on repeating as champion. Action is set to get underway at 4:00 P.M. local time so stayed tuned to PokerNews for all the latest and greatest from the 2012 Crown's Aussie Millions Poker Championship $250,000 Challenge!Read more: http://www.pokernews.com/live-reporting/20...-000-challenge/

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