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Anybody Ever Play At The Sands In Bethlehem, Pa?

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I'm in north Jersey, and usually I head to AC to play, but I'm thinking of saving myself some time and checking out the Sands in Bethlehem, PA. Anybody ever play there and have opinions or reviews of the place?
i have only game i have played regular is the 5/5 1k max and most often on weekdays from 8 to 5...kind of like working but not really being in the office! Normal day is soft deep stacks, sometimes there will be somebody sitting with 5 or 6k from the night before, there will be a handful of 500 buyin call pre and shove the flop guys, there will several hands where you just shake your head and wonder how that much money got in the pot...all in all if you can afford it is a wonderful game with lots of action and will be extremely swingy in the short term. there are no limit holdem games above 3/6 that i have seen and there is very little game selection of any kind outside of NL
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