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Fcper's In Ante Up Mag

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A few of the fcper's got posted in the ANTE UP MAGhttp://www.anteupmagazine.com/magazine/ant...august-2011.htmEvent 40 • $5K 6-MaxEntries: 732 • Prize Pool: $3,440,400Matt Jarvis, the 27-year-old profrom Vancouver who finishedeighth in last year’s NovemberNine, earned $808,538 and hisfirst bracelet. “You dream of amoment like this from the firsttime you start playing poker.To win an event like this withas tough a field as this was, isan amazing feeling.” Runner-upwas Justin Filtz, 24, of StevensPoint, Wis., ($499,855). “Justinwas really tough. He put a lotof pressure on me. He playedreally great the whole time.”All WSOP photos by IMPDI34 |AUGUST 2011 |anteupmagazine.com Event 41 • $1,500 LimitEntries: 538 • Prize Pool: $726,300Justin Pechie, a 26-year-old profrom Putnam, Conn., won thefinal shootout of the WSOP,pocketing $167,060 and hisfirst bracelet. “Shootouts aremy favorite kind of tournamentbecause there is more shorthandedplay throughout thetournament.” The runner-upwas Dale Eberle, from Tega Cay,S.C., a 58-year-old retired firefighter.He made $103,454 andwould’ve been the oldest winnerthis year had he defeatedPechie.

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oh lookdna managing to get leveled when there's only about 3 posts a day on the entire site
damn, im losing my touchBob: umm, donk4life knows who looshle isBob: I mean tbrick\dna4ever: i know, it was countering a joke with a joke, catch upsigh
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