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Robbers Of Home Game Shot With Their Own Guns

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Suspected robbers shot at high-stakes Raleigh poker gameRaleigh, N.C. — Two men who police believe were trying to rob people at a high-stakes poker game in Raleigh late Monday were shot during a struggle, and one died, police said Tuesday.Officers responding to a reported robbery at 4809 Sweetbriar Drive, off East Millbrook Road, shortly after 11 p.m. found Brandon Dwain Shelton, 28, dead inside the house, and Brian Matthew Onley, 23, lying on the lawn with a gunshot wound in the arm.Witnesses told investigators that two men burst into the home wearing masks and carrying guns in an attempt to rob several poker players. A struggle ensued, and the two intruders were shot, police said."Both of them had hoods on and ski masks on," a man who called 911 told a dispatcher. "(One) was shot with his own gun
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kinda stalkerish, but I fell for the bate.Brandon is/was bouncer at the Mirage.Check out who Brian Onley's inspirational people are under his info tab. No irony there at all.
Yeah, stalkerish but whatever...that's what FB is for. Brandon was Brian's most recently added FB friend.
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