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$100,000 Guarantee No Limit Hold'em Tournament - t100/t200 Blinds - 9 playersDeucesCracked Poker Videos Hand History ConverterSB: t17056 85.28 BBsBB: t18965 94.83 BBsUTG: t10096 50.48 BBsUTG+1: t4933 24.66 BBsUTG+2: t4471 22.36 BBsMP1: t12946 64.73 BBsHero (MP2): t6695 33.48 BBsCO: t2382 11.91 BBsBTN: t8242 41.21 BBsPre Flop: (t300) Hero is MP2 with Adiamond.gif Kdiamond.gif4 folds, Hero raises to t400, 2 folds, SB calls t300, BB calls t200Flop: (t1200) Kheart.gif 7diamond.gif 6spade.gif(3 players)SB bets t600, BB folds, Hero calls t600Turn: (t2400) Qdiamond.gif(2 players)SB bets t2400Hero ?

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is this the merge 100K?

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