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Phil Ivey Press Release On Facebook

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Mr NegreanuFrom What I've read about Ivey's actual lawsuit it has verry little in trying to actually get players funds back. My question is simple.If you had a large sum of money on FTP, you were a pro on FTP, You were not able to get your money off the site, Would you file a lawsuit that would be able to be considered you a "Class Representative" in a Class action Lawsuit so other people with outstanding balances could join the Class Action and try to get their outstanding funds back?Again its my understand that in Ivey's lawsuit as it is written, he(Ivey) cannot be considered a "Class Representative" and their is no way players with money owed to them by FTP can join his lawsuit.It is also my understanding that Phil Can amend his suit and file other suit's in other districts where this could be possible.Thank You Mr NegreanuRodney
Mr. Rodney. I love unot as much as dirk nowitzki tho
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