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Bring Back Daniel's Poker Room

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Lisa at least get the right man 500full.jpg

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I like em younger, that's Erik from True Blood in my fantasy.
lol Rob is younger than me not by much :club:
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It totally reminds me of your mom too!batman.JPGThis thread gives me the creeps.
lighten up and have some fun geezyou have no clue what the real me is like and never will
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rose, even a meal at maggiano's can change your mind?
hmmmm, I will think about it<<<<<< cheap drunk especially on red wine
I would ravage you Rose (and you too Kingjames).
xoxoxoxoxo honey
Good call
Damn it was a thought lol, <<<<<<< here is one for a good laugh, guess who planning to become a Team Canada player :club:
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