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Hustler Online Casino Launches Same Day As Online Poker Crackdown

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hustler online's casino launches on black friday
“It’s just one of those phenomenal coincidences that happen very rarely in a marketer’s career where something so monumental occurs in the online gaming community as what happened today,” said Al Underwood, marketing director for Hustler Casino in Gardena, in an interview with the LA Times. “It opens up a space for us, and people who enjoy this online activity at least have a place to go that is familiar, legal and safe.”
I'm the farthest thing from a conspiracy nut (9/11 inside job guys are nuts, fake moon landing guys are nuts, etc), but the timing is way too convenient. This isn't just for Hustler's version, but I would bet a lot that over the next few months there are going to be tons of B&M casinos opening legal versions of online poker. I, also, see some form of legislation legalizing online poker in the same time frame.Will FTP, PS, and AB's void be filled with B&M poker room's online versions? Does anyone else feel weird about the timing of all this?My nutjob conspiracy theory that I don't even fully believe in, but am throwing out there - The casino industry knows of the billions that are flowing through online poker at PS & FTP. They know if they merely created their own online poker sites, they might get some interest, but it would probably be impossible to convince the majority of the FTP/PS faithful to even bother with their sites. Being that they are connected in the gambling/poker industry, maybe they have a few of their own insiders in the online poker world. If not, what stops them from hiring private investigators to search into the big online poker sites? It's public knowledge that PS/FTP/AP are flirting on the skirts of the law and I wouldn't put it past the B&M casinos to wonder about the legitimacy of how they're moving their money around... shit, I wondered about that myself. From there, maybe the casinos find some information which the lobbyists pass through someone in the government who then puts this in the hands of the DoJ. Maybe the casinos didn't have any information at all against the online poker sites and just used their lobbying power to push the issue of investigating online poker forward. The financial motivations for this are huge for the casinos. Pure speculation, but I would guess that if casinos opened online rooms in the FTP/PS market, they might get ~500 regular members consistent. With FTP/PS out of the way, that exponentially jumps higher. Maybe ~10,000? Sorry, I know the numbers are made up shit, but am I possibly getting the percentages right at least?The rational side of me says I sound like every 9/11 conspiracy theorist and that I should just shoot myself now. Another rational side of me won't be surprised if I'm playing on Bellagio's Online Poker Room in 3 months for their own version of the Sunday Million.Am I crazy?Regardless, if the B&M casinos did this, grats to them. I hate lobbyists, but that's another point for another day. If B&M casinos do start opening legal online poker sites, they better be as good or better than what we had before. I WANT MY ****ING RUSH POKER BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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crazy theory that could very well be true. I kinda think like you do except I don't think we will see online versions of B&M Casinos rather just one huge government run site where winnings are automatically taxed.. Doesn't matter though. It won't be the same never being on the largest network of the world. One of the most beautiful parts of playing cards is getting to play with people from everywhere. Sigh

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I'm sticking with this conspiracy for now.

Here's the little conspiracy theory I thought up a couple days ago.Imagine you're one of the biggest B&M casino corporations in the U.S. You've seen all the cash going to FTP and PS meanwhile your revenue stream has been shrinking and volatile at best. But you're no fool. Nope, you've been researching and perfecting your own poker software that will allow you to get into this lucrative market. However, overcoming the nearly decade long lead in the market place held by FTP, PS, UB et al is going to be an expensive proposition. The advertising budget that will be required to make this new venture sustainable is going to be significant. But there's an easier and less expensive way.You've earned a lot of pull with some government heavyweights, why not get them to do your dirty work for you? Then, a couple of years later, after the competition has been thoroughly gutted, or maybe even put out of business outright, you get your government lapdogs to work on repealing the legislation that served you so well in stifling your competitors but is now a hindrance to your desire for dominance the marketplace. Tell them about all those lovely tax dollars, not to mention campaign dollars, they'll get from the near-monopoly in online U.S. gaming. In five or so years you've grabbed your company the lion's share of a multi-billion dollar empire in what amounts to the most hostile of takeovers.
Although, I am starting to lean towards "government shakedown" after some of the news articles the last day or two. Seems like the Prosecution is playing nicey-nice on most things but isn't budging on seizing hundreds of millions of dollars.
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