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Recommended Site For Us Players Now?

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With FTP and PS on hold for the US what sites do you all recommend for Tourney play. What site for cash play? Obviously looking to be able to deposit/withdraw without a hassle as well.

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would drive to the nearest b & m casino
this ^(this is just my own personal opinion) but I think any US player that starts putting money on all these other 'recommended' sites such as bodog, carbon, etc. is being foolish, especially if you already have money tied up on one of the other major sites. not only are these sites capable of also being targeted by the DOJ, but they are a lot less reputable then Stars n Tilt, so who knows what would happen to your money. I know it sucks to just wait around and not play, but I personally don't think risking more money on other sites is +EV.
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