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How Do I Become A Successful Online Poker Player? Seriously...

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I found watching YouTube videos of professional players helped me understand poker a lot more and observing the table after folding on my hands helped, too. I.e. when you're in the middle of playing a table and you fold your hand, instead of just spacing out on your phone or getting the attention of a waitress for a drink I'll observe the players that are still finishing up their hands and watching how they hand certain hands. Did the bluff? If so, what were the facial expressions and movements they were making at the time they were bluffing and use it to my advantage on the next hand.


I also spend my days reading tons of books on improving my poker strategies, there are a plethora of great books on amazon along with various poker blogs that share great advice, I've been visiting various sites for some new tips plus other websites. There is a world of tips/tricks/strategies out there just waiting to be soaked up to improve poker hands. I think I'm becoming a poker nerd with all the reading I'm doing but there's no limit (pun intended) to the amount of useful tools at our disposal that are needed to become a pro! :icon_surprised:

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Once I was suffered from the insomnia and did not know what to do at night. I’ve stumbled upon some poker forum where the players discussed their strategies and the game’s payouts. Since that time I was greatly surprised by poker analysis. How to become successful poker poker? The advice is one - to be patient, read a huge amount of mathematical strategies and communicate with professionals!

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