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Dirt Track Racing

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As you can see from my avatar, I am a HUGE fan of dirt track racing. I am curious if anyone else among the poker community is a regular at their local dirt track, or has any of you even gone to it? I realize that in this time of the internet and satellite TV it is sadly more common than not to just stay home and get your entertainment there, but to me there's just nothing better than going out on a summer day and watching a few hours of competition with friends and a beverage or three of your choice. Or, is the closest that you come to a dirt track sitting in your underwear 4-tabling while NASCAR is on the boob tube?? :club: Thanks for any input in advance.

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I love dirt track racing and most Saturday's from March until October I'm at the races somewhere in the Southeast. I don't care much for the World of Outlaws and all the other dirt racing on TV because it's just not the same as being there in person. When the NASCAR boys do that Prelude To The Dream race every year I usually order it but that's about all the TV dirt racing I care for. One thing on my bucket list is to go to Eldora Speedway for the Nationals, always wanted to but never had the chance.

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