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Official Sunday $5 Million Thread With Last Longers

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out feral_cow_icon.gifFeral Cow PokerPokerStars No-Limit Hold'em ($200+$15) t750/t1500 ante t150 - 9 playersUTG: t29,692 UTG+1: t35,097 MP: t16,855 MP2: t34,608 HJ: t56,512 CO: t47,126 Button: t23,718 SB: t19,358 BB: t12,983 (Hero)Preflop: (t3,600) Hero is BB with 8c.gifTh.gif (9 players)7 folds, SB calls t750, Hero checksFlop: (t4,350) 5d.gif7d.gif9s.gif (2 players)SB bets t4500, Hero raises to t11333 and is all-in, SB calls t6833Turn: (t27,016) Tc.gif (2 players)River: (t27,016) Ah.gif (2 players)SB showed Ac.gifAs.gif, and won (27016) with three of a kind, AcesHero showed 8c.gifTh.gif, and lost with a pair of TensSB won t27016gl everyone!

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