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Final Table Diamond Dixi

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^you would be surprised... nothing turns off a jewish girl more than hearing "honey u mind if we split the bill".It's like saying "IM GOING TO ANALLY RAPE YOU TONIGHT WHILE YOURE SLEEPING AHAHAHAH"

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FT'd the $1r 6 max donk-a-ment tonight. Finished 4th for $199.50 after 7 hours of hard labor. Hit the FT as chip leader, slipped into 2nd and then this hand happened...Managed to outlast one for 4th place finish. PokerStars - $1+$0.10|8000/16000 NL (6 max) - Holdem - 5 playersHand converted by PokerTracker 3BB: 553,347.00Hero (UTG): 1,151,688.00CO: 1,220,139.00BTN: 909,507.00SB: 637,319.00BB posts ante 1,600.00, Hero posts ante 1,600.00, CO posts ante 1,600.00, BTN posts ante 1,600.00, SB posts ante 1,600.00, SB posts SB 8,000.00, BB posts BB 16,000.00Pre Flop: (32000.00) Hero has Q:spade: K:spade: Hero raises to 40,000.00, CO calls 40,000.00, fold, fold, foldFlop: (112000.00, 2 players) Q:club: Q:heart: 5:diamond: Hero checks, CO bets 64,000.00, Hero raises to 184,000.00, CO calls 120,000.00Turn: (480000.00, 2 players) J:diamond: Hero bets 240,000.00, CO calls 240,000.00River: (960000.00, 2 players) 3:club: Hero bets 480,000.00, CO calls 480,000.00Hero shows Q:spade: K:spade: (Three of a Kind, Queens) (PreFlop 46%, Flop 93%, Turn 16%)CO shows J:spade: J:heart: (Full House, Jacks full of Queens) (PreFlop 54%, Flop 7%, Turn 84%)CO wins 1,920,000.00

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I like MTTs too but a couple of guys I know were playing this insane donkfest and talked me into playing it with them. One of them made it to 13th and the other busted before the money. $1r are so fun, I love to get to play like a complete maniac during the rebuy period and the play is so bad it's entertaining.

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