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Arizona To Ban Karma

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http://motherjones.com/mojo/2010/12/sharia-fever-catch-itFound this and thought it was pretty hilarious under the title,Arizona to Ban Karma. That's got to come back and bite them in the ass. According to Mother Jones Magazine in an article about other idiotic state bans on Sharia Law, we here in Aryanzona take the "What Exactly The f**k Are We Taxpayers Paying You ****wads In Office To f***ing Do" award. On the one hand, Mother Jones is a wildly liberal-slanted mag and can sometimes slant hard enough to topple over. On the other, it's Arizona. I live here. It sounds like exactly the kind of law our Neo Nazi** state hero Russell Pierce and govener-by-accident-because-the-real-gov-got-a-better-job Jan Brewer would conjure up.My other favorite bit in the article was the finding that Utah's attempt to ban Sharia Law would have crippled the state's ability to do overseas business. And as we all know, we Americans depend pretty heavily on sucking the teats of other countries in order to remain economically and morally superior to those countries.But enough about my country's somewhat embarrassig teat-sucking.I would seriously like to know how Arizona would enforce a ban on Karma. How exactly do they intend to prevent Hindu gods - whose existence and superior-to-Jesus divine powers they are now implicitly acknowledging by proposing such a ban - from reincarnating people based on how shitty they were to other people in their past lives?"We here at Arizona Teabag Central are outraged that Vishnu and friends have chosen to reincarnate our dear friend George, a True Patriot™, into a dung beetle. It is simply infuriating that the gods are shoving their so-called 'divine judgement' down our throats and we demand they appear in American™ court, preferably in human form, to answer for this travesty to our Freedoms™!"**(Also not a joke. The man is actually, knowingly, proudly-posed-for-pictures-with and associated with neo-Nazi groups. And along with Jan "OMG ILLEGALS ARE GOING TO BEHEAD YOU" Brewer, is one of the most beloved politicians in Arizona).
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I can't quit laughing at this. Are they going to ban faster than light speed travel as well??By banning foriegn religious influence are insinutating the bible isn't foreign, it's American? . Reminds me of the Texas Senator that said about the bible, "If God wrote the bible in English that's good enough for me!".How would it help outlaw Karma though? Since Karma is not something people do, it's something gods do after you're dead. Though it wouldn't surprise me to learn that most Americans believe Hindu gods are subject to American law...

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