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The Tea Party Was Predicted In The Bible.

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Well, I didn't know this. The Tea Party was predicted in the bible.http://colorado.tenthamendmentcenter.com/2...urth-tea-party/QUOTE Perhaps you have wondered why you have grown more concerned about what is happening with the United States. You have seen her values criticized and eroded. Now her economy is worsening, and somehow you know you must get involved. Could it be that you have heard God’s voice, urging you to reclaim America? Could it be that He has called, and you are answering? Our society must be changed at every level, and this includes a drastic reformation of our financial system.Many American citizens treat the current “Tea Party Movement” as a recent innovation, or a novel idea that will disappear in the future. Others tie current thought patterns back to the Boston Tea Party that occurred in 1773. Actually, the thought patterns and mindset of the Tea Party movement finds its origins in a rebellion that occurred more than 3,000 years ago. Believe it or not, this movement was detailed in the Bible. I mean sometimes it's hard to keep religon in politics separate in this country when the think the Tea Party is Divinely inspired. According to their sacred literature, anyway. Would you believe this collection of angry ignorant kooks whining about their taxes in local American politics is actually written up in the Bible? Yeah, this is the fourth Tea Party movement: the first was after the death of Solomon, the second was led by Jesus Christ himself, the third was the Boston event, and the fourth was begun by a ranting overprivileged ass on the Chicago stock exchange, which makes Rick Santelli some kind of prophet, apparently.Man, these guys are lunatics. American politics is more than a little embarrassing for Americans.

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bummer and I don't have it copied. It was a long ignorant rant with super flawed logic that someone yanked down.
Sure first you demean us, then you censor us.Is it any wonder I'm not crazy?Is it any wonder I'm sane at all?
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