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When You Type The Letter C What Finger Do You Use?

The Middle Finger Test  

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  1. 1. Do you type the letter C with your middle finger or index finger?

    • Middle Finger
    • Index Finger

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Def right thumb for the spacebar. I use index for the c button. The way my hands are on the keyboard it's a lot more natural to just drop the index finger straight back on to the c. I'd have to lift my index finger an inch above the keyboard for the middle finger to hit the c which feels unnatural. Also, a lot more words seem have the letter c and e next to each other, having the index hit the c while the middle is on the e is just a quicker combo. I use to type consistently over 100wpm, but terrible shortcuts & bad habits over the years have made me a worse typer (such as u instead of you, etc.). If you've ever had an MSN convo with me, you'd know what I'm talking about. I'm about 90WPM+ now if I care to try, but I don't.

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So I am going to type this out and see what fingers I use to type. Wow, I use only my index and middle on both hands and my right thumb for the space bar. I also seem to only use my left ring finger for the shift key and never use the right shift key. That is also weird. But I type pretty fast.
I have always typed the exact same way...weird.
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