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Is God An Alien Or One Of Us?

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Is God an alien or one of us?Language is a bitch. Not being English, using and interpreting words and knowing their full meaning is always a close thing and if the listener and speaker are too precise in their acceptance of language, communication becomes nearly impossible. This is why in philosophical circles, they say that the definition of terms comes after a general consensus is reached on an issue. If one tries to go the opposite way then the issue will likely never be resolved and all the participants will do is argue instead of discuss and reason. I will try to show here, in a general way, that all of the following words all relate to the same being. Man, god, God, human consciousness, adam, society and humanity.We can be more specific on terms latter, but for now, I would ask that you allow some flexibility in definitions till after you grasp what I am trying to say.My bottom line will be that our original God was first a god and before that, he was a man.I invite you to listen to the first few lectures in this series so that you will know where I am coming from and why I have come to the conclusion that I have. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=73...558855309830711I will be starting off from the position that the ancients did not know how the universe started and that they created a myth to fill in the blanks.I will view Genesis as the ancients showing how mankind, through the archetypal Adam and Eve, became autonomous adults from innocent children and that all that Genesis is, is a myth of a right of passage. We do know that all ancient tribes had some kind of right of passage and unless we see Genesis that way, Christians, as a tribe or group, do not have one. Deuteronomy 32:4He is the Rock, his work is perfect: for all his ways are judgment: If all of God’s ways are judgments or decision making, then He must be thought of as a thinking entity. Nothing more. A disembodied spirit or consciousness of thought.This tells us what the writer wants us to know of God’s full attributes. No miracle working or powers of any sort, except for judging based on thinking.Many believe that we cannot know God and that his ways are unfathomable and mysterious etc. This is not what the writer is saying at all. He is setting our goal as humans, gods and future Gods.Matthew 5:48Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.This is what the unspoken message from God to Adam and Eve is in Eden. God is demanding apotheosis the way any human father or mother would demand from his children. God is also shown as setting the conditions for Adam and Eve to show what all humans need to learn well. Initiative. This gift has been misunderstood as sin. God does this by allowing society or humanity, as represented by the talking snake, to have access to our two young and innocent archetype humans. First Eve, as girls mature faster than boys, and then Adam. After Eve then Adam sin, sort of, as God was training them to recognize learning as sin to insure that learning is done with caution, it is time to graduate.Genesis 3:22And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil:After Adam and Eve do the right thing through sin/caution and learn, they graduate from school.Here, the writer tells us how we grew from innocent children to gods and hopefully to God’s. The ultimate goal of life. Through the study of the knowledge of good and evil. Rather simple and in this way, God and mankind leave Eden in a win win situation instead of the lose lose situation that Christianity has foolishly misinterpreted out of the old Hebrew writings. I say foolishly but perhaps it is as foolish as the most intelligent animal the snake. We would call it foolish as a fox. They may have been trying to use guilt as a tool of social manipulation to accentuate caution. I don’t think we can know for sure.If we are urged to be perfect like God and are shown to be able to, then man and god must mean the same thing. We as gods can then progress to Gods. Scripture has many references calling man god and gods and hinting to the God within all of us.If you thing demographically, you will note that God just sits at the top of our common which consists of us sitting in our positions as gods. Graphically, it would look like this. G ggg ggggggg ggggggggggg gggggggggggggggIs God an alien or one of us?RegardsDL

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Anyways he's not a monkey, I think, so what is the point of finding this out? We all have a monkey ancestor
Whatever we are descended from, it was natural and of this world. The point then would be to find a God that is also from here and not some invisible alien who seems to like to murder humans. if the O T is to be believed. I do not believe it BTW, it is a myth, but way too many do think that such an ass would exist.RegardsDL
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