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Thoughts On Funeral Services

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Yeah, i think it's really narcissistic to think that a stranger can bring joy to mourners by their mere presence at a funeral
Maybe not one stranger, but I know that if there was a large crowd of people I didn't know at the funeral of a loved one, I'd be really happy that so many people cared about him or her.
I would only show up to a funeral if I knew my absense would get me yelled at by my mother. And even then I would be thinking about sports the whole time.
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You should check out the clips from Pat Tillman's funeral....or well some of the people in this thread should. His brother just flips out re: religion when he gives the eulogy, says his brother was an atheist and a bunch of other really shocking things to say at a funeral.
"I don't go to your church and say, 'This is bullshit,' so don't come to my brother's funeral service and tell me that he's with god."Well said.
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