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God’s True Face. Politics.

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God’s true face. Politics.Here is a picture of God.http://www.aspencountry.com/assets/product...36999/36245.jpgAnthropomorphizing God is a relatively new phenomena. Christianity began doing so in the late 3rd century. This surprised the Hebrew and Jews who had never literalized their scriptures or anthropomorphized God. Man was to be in Gods image yes but as a man and not as a God that no man could ever reach or not aspire to.Matt 5;48Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfectModern secular man, with good reason, is trying hard to stop religions from growing as they see them as perpetrators of tribal thinking and a hindrance to world unification. They would be correct in this as all Abrahamic religions have a stated goal of world domination and they all hate each other at present.Secularism has rightfully taken the approach of using laws of inclusion, fairness, equality and fraternity as opposed to religious laws of exclusion and inequality, as they pertain to women Gays and slaves.Where secularism uses the scientific methods of evidence and observation to prove their points. IE. Physics and evolution, religions have opted for faith and an unknowable and unfathomable God who is so far above man that theists believe that he cannot be understood my man. His ways are not our ways is often used to express this unknowable ness. Secularists on the other hand have faith in the notion that man can discover all the laws of the universe and is slowly proving his case. Science and reason are quickly killing the ideas of literal readings of scripture and the anthropomorphizing of God. Talking animals and water walkers do not belong in modern thinking.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDbesQQi9ycAlthough I attack these principles as well, I remain a religionist who thinks more along the lines as Watts without buying into all of his ideas.
I have nothing against churches as I recognize the good works they do in terms of community; but believe that if they do not stop literalizing scripture, and trying to give God historicity, they will help kill the very religions they seek to promote.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fg8WlXZxAgQ...feature=relatedHaving said all this, you may wonder why I showed the face of God in an anthropomorphic way with a human skull. Simple.It is my view that all that has even been said, implied, conjectured and written in the name of God, has been done so by man.Who but a man can even contemplate on the issue of God, let alone express the will of God?God is a human construct and only man can grasp the idea of someone or something that should be elevated to our ideal, and become the epitome of mankind.You will know that ancient man, kings and emperors declared themselves to be Gods. Prophets and shaman declared apotheosis with God and spoke in his name. The Bible itself declares in God’s name that man, through Adam and Eve, became as God’s, knowing good and evil. Jesus himself says ---Ye are Gods, and there are many passages that call man the sons of God. Do we need to be hit on the forehead with a two by four before we get the message that as scripture says, man truly has dominion here on earth? Are we so stupid that we can ignore all of man’s history that proves just that?Our first God was a man and our last must be as well. The sooner we realize this, the sooner we can start tackling the huge economic and environmental problems that will soon overwhelm us if we do nothing or maintain our barbaric tribal mentality.The older Christian faith, before literalization, had those qualities that were recognized even by the barbarians of the day as being exactly the inclusive religion that was required to create a huge empire. That is why Constantine and Rome embraced it. The promise of freedom and equality for all; to the highest limit that man could achieved, in a controlled setting, with the enforcement required to protect the people from those who would not live by the system of brotherly love that Jesus taught. Archetypal Jesus that is. Not the literal or historic one that likely never existed.http://www.theblaze.com/stories/blaze-mix-...dvisors-allies/Wealth redistribution and a manipulation of our socio economic demographic pyramid is now happening and has been happening for about 50 years to some level. It will increase soon. I think there will be a big fight between government and religion in the near future to see just who will decide on what kind and how much redistribution will happen. One need only look to Greece to day and other E U nations that will soon follow in their bankruptcy footsteps.What are your thoughts?Is democracy turning to some form of socialism?This will be a world wide phenomena. Who will lead this reform, the U N or a new and powerful evolved religion with a man speaking the words and will of God?RegardsDL
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