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I've updated the instructions for submitting your signed roster to reflect the new dates for the new season. Please note that the deadline is the Friday night this year and not the Saturday. I need the extra day to process things. The deadline is 11:59 PM Toronto Time on Friday Sept 20th. http://forum.alternativehockeyleague.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=119

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and sorry about not having everything up to date yet contract wise. I'll be working on that the next couple days and will have it all done hopefully before the weekend but if not over the weekend for

Unlike other predictions, these are meant to insult and offend both finalists.   #1 Eddie Shack Conference vs #1 Tiger Williams Conference   Steelheads (56-25-1) +/- 167 vs Big M (52-25-5) +/-

AHL GM's European Summit 2015 was a blast! Whalers really embraced the culture....     As per tradition of trades whenever owners cross paths... Whalers and Swackers have agreed to swap .25 both

Posted Images

Survivor winners:


2015-2016 Scarborough Shooters Ryan Wilson

2016-2017 Canadian Gothic Dale McCarthy

2017-2018 Mustangs Serge Bogosyan

2018-2019 Greaseballs Brian Steinberg *


*immunity added

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Farm Draft Order





1 Cheap Thieves

2 Broadway

3 Mustangs

4 Winning Combination

5 Steelheads

6 Ingmen

7 Screamin' Eagles

8 Ingmen

9 Broadway

10 Magically Delicious

11 Winning Combination

12 Shoot Loose

13 Steelheads

14 Winning Combination

15 Screamin' Eagles

16 Steelheads

17 Steelheads

18 Cheap Thieves

19 Shortstackers

20 Puck Warfare



21 Cheap Thieves

22 The Big M's

23 Winning Combination

24 The Big M's

25 PK Dealers

26 Ingmen

27 Screamin' Eagles

28 Cheap Thieves

29 Screamin' Eagles

30 Magically Delicious

31 Winning Combination

32 Shoot Loose

33 Shortstackers

34 Whalers

35 PK Dealers

36 Mustangs

37 Greaseballs

38 Red Ravens

39 Red Ravens

40 Broadway



41 Cheap Thieves

42 Red Ravens

43 Red Ravens

44 Magically Delicious

45 The Big M's

46 Ingmen

47 Screamin' Eagles

48 Scarborough Shooters

49 Whalers

50 Magically Delicious

51 Whalers

52 Shoot Loose

53 Canadian Gothic

54 Ingmen

55 PK Dealers

56 Mustangs

57 Greaseballs

58 Broadway

59 Scarborough Shooters

60 Swackers



61 Cheap Thieves

62 PK Dealers

63 Red Ravens

64 Magically Delicious

65 Red Ravens

66 Ingmen

67 Canadian Gothic

68 Red Ravens

69 Canadian Gothic

70 Magically Delicious

71 Shortstackers

72 Shoot Loose

73 PK Dealers

74 Whalers

75 PK Dealers

76 Shoot Loose

77 Puck Warfare

78 Puck Warfare

79 Whalers

80 The Big M's

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let the floodgates open, all the players from the draft are on the rosters now along with Toews players. Feel free to manage your team and post your lineups. If I have made any mistakes please let me know.

A reminder that the maximum number of skaters on your active roster is 23 and any players who are on your reserve list on Thursday can be moved back to active as soon as you want this time. There is no need to keep them there for 7 days.
Another reminder is that we can use farm players in games in October and then send those players  back to the farm. You have to have room on your active roster to do so though. For example I have 28 skaters so if I want to use any farm players I'll have to drop somebody or make a trade.

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AHL Predictions
These predictions are in no way meant to offend anyone (well maybe Serge) but just my often mistaken opinion.

Both Underdogs and Canadian Gothic will regress slightly but should still finish 1st/2nd. With the big free agent signings, Mustangs will be much improved, however 3rd place in division seems to be in the cards. Cheap Thieves gambled heavy on solid rookies, however a bunch will start the season in the minor's and might not make it up to NHL early enough to help. Look for a late season Thieves surge. Steelheads has started amassing a strong Farm again and will probably wait approx 2-3 years and then sweep Big M's in the finals again but wont contend this year.
3-Mustangs (conference fan choice)
4-Cheap Thieves

With the exception of Shootloose, all teams in this division use the strong "forwards" weak "defenceman" approach. Easily the toughest division to predict order as any of the teams could finish 1-5. I think I will give the edge to team that owns one of the best players in history of NHL (Gretzky), Puck Warfare is well loved due to chocolate provider, however Tavaras and Barkov might have rough years which will hurt.

1-Magic D
2-Red Ravens
3-Winning Combo
5-Puck Warfare

Conference Playoffs - Underdogs, Gothic
Fighting for playoffs- Mustangs plus entire WEST
Reject cup bound- Thieves and Steelheads

For the 4th out of the last 5 years, this division should once again produce the top division in the league.
Shortstackers and Big M's have both maintained solid teams, however Greaseballs had a huge free agent draft plus farm help to become a big time contender. Whalers and Ingman both look to have a slightly stronger teams then last year, but will regress due to the stiff conference competition
3-Big M's

The 4 years that the division title floated between Swackers and Pkdealers ends this year as Broadway will easily be the most improved and should capture the division. Both Swacker and Pkdealers will regress and be joined by an improved Scarborough Shooters (new assistant GM most probable reason) in fighting for 2nd-4th. Screaming Eagles has amassed a very deep farm and will probably pull a Broadway in 2 years to be an instant contender.
2-Scarborough Shooters . 
3-Swackers (conference fan choice)

Playoffs -Big M's, Stackers, Greaseballs, Broadway
Fighting for playoffs- Ingman, Whalers, Pkdealers, Swackers, Shooters
Reject cup bound- Eagles.

Good luck to all AHL teams. This looks to be a very fun season with all the new side stuff happening. 

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AHL EAST BooneDaze Tribe is off to tribal council. Underdogs have IMMUNITY

Team Captains in charge of sitting a team next Saturday look like:

Wesayid: Winning Combination

WeTheNorth: Greaseballs

SouthernHicks: Scarborough Shooters

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Here are the Free Agent Bidding Rules

1. Bidding closes at 6:00 pm Toronto time every Sunday

2. Bids will be made public after 6:30 PM. Nobody has access to the bids until they are made public to everybody. There is no way that I can view bids made by other teams in the admin area so I have no advantage. There is a button in the admin area for me to puch to publish the results for all to see.

3. Each team starts with 10,000 bidding units or credits. Only bids in full amounts are allowed. No cute bids like Pi 3.14159265359 are allowed.

4. Zero bids are allowed however since teams need to be able to add players to their roster even if they have used all their bidding credits.

5. In the event that two teams have bid the same amount the team with the highest tie breaking priority will win that player. Until the end of November that priority is based on last year's results so the Cheap Thieves are 1st and Big M's 20th. This won't change even if the priority it used. Starting in December we will use this year's standings as the basis for the tie breaking priority and it will change week to week with the standings. Worst record top priority and best record the lowest priority.

6. Bidding Credits are not tradeable or transferable to another team.

7. No collusion is allowed in the bidding process. You are not allowed to share your bid amounts with any other team. Table talk however is allowed. If you don't know what table talk is ask a poker player.

8. The maximum bid will be all of your credits.

9. When you bid you can bid the maximum number of units on more than one player and there will be a priority of who you want first.

example: I have 500 units available and bid 400 units on each of two different players. I get my highest priority player and that costs me 400 units. That means I only have 100 units available and that becomes my bid on the 2nd player. If I don't get my top player my bid on the 2nd player stays at 400 units.

10. There is a chat box in your bid area that you can put instructions in. For example you may bid on 5 players but only want a maximum of 2 of them. You have to put those instructions in the chat box.

11. Remember that for a player to be available to be picked up through the Fab process they must have both played an NHL regular season game before the Sunday and also be on a NHL team's active roster on Sunday. If a player plays their 1st NHL game on Sunday they can't be picked up on that Sunday. They can't be in the minors or on the injured list.

12. If you are making a zero bid please make it 0.0 which shows that you actually meant to bid that amount and it wasn't a misclick.

13. You will be able to edit or cancel your bids up until 6pm on Sunday

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Week 1 Oct 13th 2019 Results

2019-10-07 Broadway Tomas Nosek F VGK 3 847
2019-10-07 Canadian Gothic Vladimir Sobotka F BUF 2 2017
2019-10-07 Canadian Gothic Nicholas Caamano F DAL 4 17
2019-10-07 Canadian Gothic Connor Clifton D BOS 5 3
2019-10-07 Cheap Thieves Lean Bergmann F SJS 3 802
2019-10-07 Cheap Thieves Joel Lesperance F DAL 4 103
2019-10-07 Cheap Thieves Gaetan Haas F EDM 5 3
2019-10-07 Cheap Thieves Luke Glendening F DET 9 2
2019-10-07 Ingmen Adam Johnson F PIT 1 3
2019-10-07 Magically Delicious Danil Yurtaykin F SJS 2 750
2019-10-07 Magically Delicious GoaliesA NY Rangers G NYR 3 3
2019-10-07 Mustangs Connor Bunnaman F PHI 2 6
2019-10-07 Mustangs Justin Holl D TOR 4 99
2019-10-07 PK Dealers Patrick Marleau F SJS 1 10000
2019-10-07 PK Dealers Carson Soucy D MIN 2 0
2019-10-07 Puck Warfare Carter Verhaeghe F TBL 1 4617
2019-10-07 Puck Warfare Sam Lafferty F PIT 2 4350
2019-10-07 Scarborough Shooters Marc Staal D NYR 1 100
2019-10-07 Screamin' Eagles Carsen Twarynski F PHI 2 505
2019-10-07 Shortstackers John Marino D PIT 1 3362
2019-10-07 Shortstackers Mario Ferraro D SJS 2 3319
2019-10-07 Shortstackers Cale Fleury D MTL 3 3319
2019-10-07 Steelheads Joel Hanley D DAL 2 0
2019-10-07 Steelheads Scott Harrington D CBJ 3 0
2019-10-07 Steelheads Derek Engelland D VGK 4 0
2019-10-07 Steelheads Robert Bortuzzo D STL 6 0
2019-10-07 The Underdogs Michael Del Zotto D ANA 2 520
2019-10-07 Whalers Mark Barberio D COL 2 2
2019-10-07 Whalers Joseph Blandisi F PIT 4 2

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1. PK Dealers 17
2. Greaseballs 20
3. Winning Combination 24
4. Shortstackers 26
5. The Big M's 27
6. Underdogs 31
6. Ingmen 31
8. Canadian Gothic 33
9. Puck Warfare 37
10. Shoot Loose 40
10. Whalers 40
12. Scarborough Shooters 42
12. Red Ravens 42
12. Mustangs 42
15. Broadway 51
16. Screamin' Eagles 55
17. Cheap Thieves 57
18. Magically Delicious 60
19. Steelheads 71
20. Swackers 76

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Eddie Shack Conference Playoff Participants
Mustangs and Winning Combination as division winners. Shoot Loose, Gothic, Underdogs and Red Ravens....In that order
Tiger Williams Conference Playoff Participants
Greaseballs and Shooters as Division Winners. Big Ms, Ingmen , Stackers and Dealers in that order
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Score/Previous Rank

1. Shortstackers 12/4
2. Winning Combination 18/3
3. Greaseballs 20/2
4. Ingmen 23/6
5. PK Dealers 25/1
6. Underdogs 29/6
7. Red Ravens 33/12
8. Puck Warfare 34/9
9. Whalers 36/10
10. Mustangs 37/12
11. Scarborough Shooters 41/12
12. The Big M's 42/5
13. Broadway 43/15
14. Canadian Gothic 49/8
15. Shoot Loose 52/10
16. Screamin' Eagles 60/16
17. Cheap Thieves 62/17
18. Magically Delicious 63/18
19. Steelheads 73/19
19. Swackers 73/20


Highest Riser: Red Ravens moving from 12 to 7

Biggest Faller: The Big M's drop 7 spots to 12

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Score/Previous Rank

1. Shortstackers 17/1
1. Winning Combination 17/2
3. Whalers 21/9
4. Greaseballs 27/3
5. Ingmen 28/4
5. Puck Warfare 28/8
7. PK Dealers 30/5
8. The Big M's 33/12
9. Underdogs 40/6
9. Canadian Gothic 40/14
11. Scarborough Shooters 43/11
12. Red Ravens 44/7
13. Mustangs 46/10
13. Broadway 46/13
15. Shoot Loose 47/15
16. Screamin' Eagles 55/16
16. Magically Delicous 55/18
18. Cheap Thieves 63/17
19. Swackers 74/19
20. Steelheads 75/19


Biggest Riser: Whalers up 6 spots

Biggest Fall: Red Ravens down 5 spots

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Team Caps

1. Magically Delicious $94.75
2. Ingmen $90.50
3. PK Dealers $87.25
4. Underdogs $82.25
5. Winning Combination $81.25
6. Mustangs $79.75
7. Broadway $74.75
8. Shortstackers $67.25
9. Shoot Loose $65.75
10. Red Ravens $63.00
11. Canadian Gothic $58.50
12. Greaseballs $57.50
13. Scarborough Shooters $57.25
14. The Big M's $56.50
15. Whalers $52.50
16. Cheap Thieves $46.00
17. Steelheads $45.00
18. Puck Warfare $44.25
19. Screamin' Eagles $43
20. Swackers $36

AHL EAST $311.59
AHL SOUTH $298.25
AHL NORTH $267.75


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Score/Previous Rank

1. Shortstackers 9/1
2. Greaseballs 19/4
3. Winning Combination 21/1
4. The Big M's 25/8
5. Puck Warfare 26/5
6. Whalers 31/3
7. Ingmen 32/5
7. PK Dealers 32/7
9. Canadian Gothic 36/9
10. Underdogs 39/9
11. Mustangs 42/13
12. Scarborough Shooters 45/11
12. Shoot Loose 45/15
14. Broadway 48/13
15. Red Ravens 51/12
16. Magically Delicious 55/16
17. Cheap Thieves 63/18
18. Screamin' Eagles 64/16
19. Swackers 72/19
20. Steelheads 75/20


Biggest Riser: The Big M's Up 4 spots

Biggest Faller: Whalers/Red Ravens down 3 spots

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