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Daniel's Bankroll Challenge

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Curious to see if Daniel is at all still doing that cash game challenge where he started with $10 and wanted to grind to 100K .. i know hes obv playin in the huge games right now but still was just curious.Im gonna try one of these myself after years of gridning low mtts with mediocre success. my largest score is around 3Ksh and im a slight winner on Stars ( allen39 ) and FTP ( allen39x ) .. im seeking any advice on this, i am starting with $150 US dollars exactly. my plan is to start off playin .05/.10 NL full table but maybe 6max not really quite sure which is better as i dont really play side games so i have no clue yet .. im sure lots of ppl have tryed this in the past and im guessing the number 1 priority would be to stay discipline. my plan is to win 35 buy-ins ( $350 ) and that will take me to $500 and move up to $.10/$.25 blind level. I four tabled on Stars for about an hour and won $21.21 to get started so its a good start so far. I dont realy know what a good winrate is either for NL holdem side games so any info there would help alotI would also like some advice on this "HUD" stuff. i never used it once and since i would plan on 4 tabling was wondering how helpful HUD is.Any Information from anybody who has tryed this, successful or not successful, i would like to hear their thoughts. i also dont table select as i dotn think it really matters yet but at some point im sure it does. Im takin this very seriously as i wanna see where it ends up takin me 6 months from now. Thanks for reading and lemme know soem thougths.I play on Stars under Allen39 so if anybody ever wanted to say hello just type to me i always chat back.Thanks everybody.

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HUD = Heads Up Display.It shows the stats of yourself and the people at the table for the hands you play with them...how many hands they play, how often they raise, and hundreds of other stats. It is pretty vital to most players to have these stats since when you multi-table you might have problems remembering EXACTLY how each opponent plays.The main sites to use for this HUD would be www.pokertracker.com or www.holdemmanager.com I use HEM as do most the people I know (so that would be my preferred pick)Don't let the cost scare you away...it is DEF worth the $ you pay for it. It also allows you to graph your progress and sort your results as well as track every hand you have ever played. Makes record-keeping simple.It looks like you have a good poker-head on your shoulders so keep it up!You are right, discipline is a HUGE thing to manage. Patience is the other...you won't get there in a week or a month...it will take time. Remember you will have bad days and you will have good days...so keep the long-term goal in your sights and try not to live day by day...it is hard to do that sometimes (spoken from experience).Best of luck to you...

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