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This Speaks To The Purpose Of The Bible.

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This speaks to the purpose of the Bible.I see the Bible as a tool created or written to have us seek God. Not To find God.I see the Bible as the tree of knowledge. After all, even it says that we have no access to the tree of immortality but it does not say that we do not have access to the tree of knowledge because that is what it tries to be.The O T is obviously and demonstrably showing itself as more of an Anti-Christ than the N T Christ that is showing itself as a complete opposite to the O T. That one is so goody goody that he becomes impossible to believe.The O T has a God who shows absolutely no reverence fore human life and a tyrannical God who gives us a free will to only follow His rules or burn forever in hell. I see this freedom to chose not as that at all but a threat from a dictator God who will kill us at the drop of a hat. To the extreme of using genocide on us in the days of Noah. Animals and all. Definitely a God of hate. An Anti-Christ. Meanwhile, the N T shows a God of unconditional love who will not even stone a prostitute and tells us that if someone steals our coat, to also offer our shirt. Turn the other cheek and so on.I think that we are to read the Bible, and the reason it was written as is, is to read it as the two sides of the tree of knowledge and eventually follow Eve, then Adam to be as God’s, knowing good and evil. The only requirement that the Bible shows to be as Gods. No miracle working or other such foolishness involved. Miracles are not real.The demonstrable fact that it is a consolidation of many previous religions shows that it was intended to be the next best guess of the ancients as to direction of thinking in our seeking God. It is a thinking tool to seek God. It is not a picture of God and God is not to be found within it’s pages. The Bible even tells us that to find God we are to look --- out there.Unfortunately, literalists and fundamentals, be they Christian or Muslim or whoever venerates the Word, have formed the belief that it is God’s actual words and now idol worship the map to God instead of walking through it to go find the real God.You might say that the great deceiver has indeed deceived the whole world and turned the search for the ideal God, an evolving God, into one made of paper. Pure idol worship to my mind.End time prophesy clearly shows that at the end of days, we will recognize this fact that these Word and Bibles are just a map and we will look to all the false Gods that arise and elect ourselves a new God and bring on the end of woes. It shows a violent transition to this new God but I hope that we are bright enough to get there without the conflict that the ancients though would have to occur before our great election of the new God.If we are bright enough, we will let the Words and Bibles fight through us with words only and we will not take up the weapons of war that the ancients though would need to happen.If we want the true God of this earth, it is to us to elect Him.Our first God was a man and our last shall be as well.Is the Bible the tree of knowledge? If it is then we do have a map of sorts. A best guess, to find God.RegardsDL

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