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Wsop Event #54 $1,000 Nl Hold'em

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Wow... That was pretty amazing! Can't really grasp it yet, but I guess that will come tomorrow during the bracelet ceremony.Thank you all so much for the rail - it means a lot to me! It is great to come back to my hotel room and see all the support. I'll try to write a bit of a tournament report later. But first, some sleep, and then off to a well-deserved vacation with my girlfriend.:club::ts:4h
So awesome, congrats. As someone else noted, you are officially in the history books. The money is sick, the bracelet is amazing.....but there's something just unspeakable about knowing you are now a piece of history in the game you love.Enjoy your trip.....and the fkkin dutch in the world cup finals too. What a sick week. Enjoy!!!
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Man, pele_br is going to be so pissed when he hears this.
Pissed? C'mon...Have been away for a while... but, after Holland eliminated Brazil from the world cup, the LEAST Mr. Sparco could do, was bring a bracelet to FCP!Seriously, this is aweseome news!Biggest congrats to Mr. Sparco!! :club::ts:4h:5c:3h GO NETHERLANDS!!! I HOPE THEY BEAT SPAIN ON SUNDAY!!ORANJE!!!!
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