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Honor, Adore And Worship. Why?

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Honor, adore and worship. Why?If there were a God of any kind, He or She or It could not help being what it is.Why then would anyone want to honor or adore or worship what cannot help but be what it is?If you do then you may as well adore the sun or moon or that rock at your feet.All of these including God cannot help but be as they are. All people by this definition would also be candidates for adoration, reverence and respect and worship.Perhaps this is why one of the Jesus archetypes said, have ye forgotten that ye are Gods?To give honor, adoration and worship then is very close to idol worship. Why then do you seek an idol? Do you have some kind of instinct that forces you to seek something to revere? Would you like to be honored, adored and worshiped just for being what you cannot help being?Why would you seek to honor, adore and worship anything or anyone?RegardsDL

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