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Is this my friend that was murdered? I believe now this was 8 years ago..Very good friend of mine in high school..I was at the funeral. Very sad day...They did catch the guy eventually


I dont know if he was your friend, but it sure sounds like the same guy.


All I know was that he was a bookie, Greek and a few of my friends at the time used him.

A pool I'm in had like 18 of my fellow poolies in this surv pool, 2 of my friends won....and before any collection was made, we were informed he was murdered.


Who was the guy arrested for it?

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Not clutch.

Glad you won! I'll probably be scalin back the volume for the playoffs, since I never feel too confident on short slates, but we'll see how I feel about my lineup once the weekend rolls around.   Af

At the Pens practice facility and Rick Tochett ends up standing next to me. It took every ounce of self control to not engage him in a conversation about the Rick Tochett Experience.

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George was one of my closest friends in high school. A huge Leafs fan and a guy who ran all our hockey pools. He idolized Al Iafrate and lived and breathed hockey. We would for hours talk about hockey at school.


We had lost touch after high school but talked to him a few times over the years. George was a great guy but he did get involved with some things that were dangerous and was a known guy who took bets. He was only married like 4 months I think before his death. I was at the funeral and it was extremely sad.



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but they might be the 2nd best team in the West and if Golden State gets 3 players hurt who knows


And two of them better be Steff and KD. Lol

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I hate conspiracy theories but is there any scenario where Lakers don’t face the Warriors in the playoffs. 1 vs 8. It’s going to happen

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Our old friend Dan Aka Biatch is in Vegas with his gf and posting a live trip report. It is funny and epic. Must read.




Yes definitely is Biatch. Sounds just like him

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So this is my 50000th post on this board..I thought i write about my insane poker session tonight, while its still fresh in my head..I ran pretty bad and saw something that is pretty insane..


So here is some back ground..The game we play is Omaha 8 or better..$4-8 limit with a half kill...So if someone scoops a pot minimum $40, the next hand is $6-$12...


The game is amazing action, most players dont know how to play properly and play any 4 cards..I am a pretty big winner in the game overall, even with the high rake..


They have a promotion that they have been running for the past few months for hitting royal flushes...Everytime the hands are hit it resets to $500....Once one suit is hit the next one is $1000, then $1500, then $2000 for the last one hit..


I got to the casino today and sat down in the juicy game and noticed the spade royal was hit earlier..So the next royal hit(diamond, heart or club) would pay a $1000...I am most probably the tightest player in this game..Thats not saying a lot as most of them play every hand..


I was about 2 hours in , and hadnt won even a quarter pot when I was dealt K J 5 7...With the first 3 cards as diamonds...This is a trash hand that you dont even consider playing in Omaha...So i naturally fold and become a little sick when it flop A 10 4 with the A 10 of diamonds...Now i am pretty sick when the Queen of diamonds hits the river...So obviously I tell the table and they are all in shock that I just threw away $1000...Part of me is like I fold these hands all the time in this game...If I played ANY ROYAL cards, it would cost me thousands in the long run. So I know its positive EV for me to fold this, but cant get it out of my mind that it would of been nice to hit a $1000 payday..Which in this game is a pretty big score..


To add to this, I literally did not win one chip for just under 5 hours...Miracolously I was stuck only about $180, which is significant but not a huge amount in this game...The game breaks around 12:30 and I am happen to be first on the move list to the main game..They have been playing 8 handed and I take the empty seat..Now this is where things get interesting...only in the 3rd hand dealt after me joining the game, nice man that I am friendly with Hector hits the Hearts royal flush...So he gets $1000...Everyone is excited and of course if I dont sit down and fill that seat things might be different...Now this is the weird part, the VERY NEXT HAND dealt the guys sitting next to him hits the Club royal flush for $1500...Sometimes we can go weeks without anyone hitting a royal. 3 royals( and my folded one) all hit on the same day AND hit in back to back hands on the same table..


Yes its Omaha and its easier to hit royals with 4 cards , however what are the odds of hitting a Royal flush in consecutive hands?? From what I can tell the odds of hitting a Royal Flush in Omaha are .000092


I dont know the odds of back to back, but I am thinking its pretty insanely high...( any math guys figure this out for me?)..


I have been dealing and playing poker for about 27 years now..Live, online all over the place...I have never seen anything like what i experience tonight.

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so your tightness cost those other players $500 each. Way to go.


Thats one way of looking at it

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