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Daniels Blog/ Men Playing In The Women's Wsop Event

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I haven't been around for a couple days and just got caught up on this Annie vs Daniel thing.All I have to say about it is the original argument wasn't about whether Annie is the best woman player in the world or not, it was about the women's only event at the wsop. Yeah Annie shouldn't classify herself as "the best" on her website, but that has nothing to do with the women's event argument, it is a separate issue. Daniel needs to decide which issue he is going to argue about, not group all his issues together. It is coming off as a straight up personal attack.
I thought the connection is quite clear: If Annie Duke is of the opinion that having a ladies event is outrageous, because it allegedly sends a message that somehow women are worse poker players than men, why would she need to add the qualifier that she is the best *female* poker player? This qualifier would also constitute a statement that women are not on an equal playing field. Come to think of it, you might be right and it could be a separate issue: She might have just added that to narrow the field, in the spirit of "I'm the best poker player, who goes by the handle CoolHandKai."
This whole PC-racist, sexist, whateverist B.S. tilts me... I hate the Politically Correct B.S. a lot.
In this case, the PC BS is whining about gender bias and entering the ladies event as a man.
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Shaun Deeb has to be the biggest angle-shooter alive. I remember him calling the floor on DN over a string bet during the EWSOP ( or wuteva ), and now this. His statement reeked of insincerity ...Deeb please get loaded & jump off the RIO :club:

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When are they implementing the Black and Asian events?
Off base how?They are excluding all but one specific group, for a tournament. It would be the exact same thing, except people wouldn't be defending it.
What about Mexicans you racist son of a bitch!!!!
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I don't care what the WSOP does. I don't care if they keep the event or not. I just hate the inconsistency from people being offended or not offended. Either you should be offended by segregation like this, or you shouldn't, but you don't get to pick and choose because one seems worse than the other. But if they were to add a Blacks only event, all hell would break loose. That's retarded.
To not understand the nuances of such issues is simple-minded. Human interactions are complex: everything is not a pure dichotomy.If we follwed the logic of the above post, there could be no NBA, NFL, etc. without allowing the inclusion of women on the teams. There would be no "seniors tours" or "junior leagues" either. All sports need would need to be integrated by gender and age. There would also be no "Special Olympics" or "Para- Olympics" for those athletes ... etc. etc. etc. There would also be no "men's restrooms" and "women's restrooms" because all public facilities would have to be open to all people.But most people recognize that such a breakdown of gender barriers is not reasonable ... that sometimes, "separate is the best way to achieve equal" and that separation is OK. Men and women can be "equal" without being "the same" in every respect. People in different age groups can play in an age-appropriate league without anybody getting bent out of shape. "Equality" relates to the value of something: it doesn't automatically mean "identical" in every characteristic. Those differences can be acknowledged and accommodated without being disciminatory in a way that signficantly injures anyone.Events such as the Ladies' Event, the Casino Employees' Event do not "count" towards bracelet totals, etc. They should offend no one. People who want to make a big deal about such events and destroy them are just being a*******, getting their jollies by flexing muscles (or contracting the sphincter that they are) for the sole purpose of ruining other people's fun. That's not a good way to be in the world.
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Events such as the Ladies' Event, the Casino Employees' Event do not "count" towards bracelet totals, etc.
Second time I read this, but is it really true? I thought Jennifer Tilly won her bracelet (listed and counted as 1 in wikipedia) in a ladies event. That bracelet made her eligible for the tournament of champions vote, so it counts there as well. Where (apart from Daniel's blog) does the "they don't count" statement originate, to what count does it pertain?
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