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i'm sure you think that made sense to you, but i may have to come out of retirement to explain the benefits of clarity to you. as soon as i finish the Senior's Cruise: Ganges Adventure that i signed up for, i'm going to relax in my bucket and spend an afternoon decrypting what you said. in short, i apologize deeply if it pains you to learn this but, YOU MAKE NO SENSE!

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$139.80 profit on the month, 24% roi. my usual low volume, but at least there was no fm curse.oh, and this was my first ever post on fcp:

it isn't "bad for poker". i bet a nickel that 80-90% of people who watch poker will have little to no exposure to the case. it will go through the courts & a ruling will be handed down. either the release will be upheld or it will be struck down.that being said, it is probably the right thing for the players to try. the organizers/venues make money off the players, and then get 100% of all tv revenues, and THEN want to get 100% of all money made on the side from sites, games, etc.i am curious about if/when players will see some of these revenue streams flow directly back into the pot. it would be absurd to expect 27 professional golfers to each pony up $200k of their own money so that a network can make money off tickets, advertising, dvd sales, and so on.for the main event, espn is paying to do coverage. i don't quite follow how the organizers are able to charge the players 5 million dollars out of the pot to play. they should have been putting 20% of all television revenues into the prize structure. imagine that... *gasp*... a live tournament with MORE than the buy-ins available to be won rather than less. shocking.the WPT wants to make their percentage of the buy-ins, plus all advertising revenue, plus syndication... and wants to have 100% ownership of the players so they can make MORE money that doesn't get channelled back into the prize pools? it makes me think of hands, cookie jars, and momma.a more limited release is defintiely not going to be the downfall of the WPT. they just won't be able to pimp the players' likenesses for free.
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