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I can do one for each side but I can't do a combined one, will have to just add them together in order to do an overall.

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U gotta be fkn kidding me, Jerad in the hizzy. WELCOME THE FACK BACK. Hope all is well bro.....
Doin well J! Not as much time to myself, which is good. I don't have myspace anymore but I think I found you on facebook.I know, get a room, etc.
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Sure, I'll play ball.CorvairShagg - PS
eh possibly
i am interested..sergetoronto
Sure why not
im very in to win. mrpristine on stars proxavier9 on full tilt
Sounds like fun - count me in!Stars: Mr. SparcoTilt: Mr Sparco
I submitted it, but the above people are not opted in, so I can't add them yet. Please go opt in and let me know when you do so you can be added.
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Add me please, I suck and not sure I'll play butwsox08 on PSapplejuice16 on FT

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add me inMaxStPolish on both Stars and Tilt.Definitely couldn't hurt to hopefully keep my arse more focused knowing others will be seeing my laundry!!Edit: I used my 5 searches for the day already, so it won't let me bring up my name to select the "opt in"

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