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Is It A Good Or Bad Call?

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My friends and I heavily debated a fold I made in our live 6 handed ring game of .5 .10 cent NL Hold em. I was dealt AK off suit in the cut off. I raised to .30 cents. Folds to the SB, and the SB raises to 3 dollars to go. Big blind calls and I decided to fold. Obviously you'll say "I had to be there to judge the situation" but the player in the SB has never re raised before like that. Also he was tilted, but all the players in our game play a solid game, nothing too crazy is done. Also the SB was 50-55 dollars deep and I had 100 in chips. Do I just call and check fold the flop? If I hit my ace I wont get action out of all pairs anyway, and I didnt think he was capable of re raising with anything worse than AQ. If I had 20-25 I wouldve shoved all in with the AK no problem, but I dont want to flip at best for 50, or guess to myself if I hit a K on the flop. We played a good amount of hands together and in my opinion he had AQ-TT at worst, but he really looked strong. I just decided to give up the .30 cents and save myself from potentially losing a big pot, a very conservative fold in my opinion, but a safe one because of how deep the SB and I were.I was not worried about the BB calling but there's a small chance he smoothed called with AA but most unlikely. Good or bad fold?

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Ok...here is the deal.....You do realize you have 1000 bb's right? And the SB has 550. That is a whole hell of a lotta play. If you had 100-200 bb's then I think it's ok to fold because sb is making it 30 of his 100 bb's to go but with so much play in your stacks I think it's at least worth a call considering you have a Group 1 hand and position. Why play with that much room if you are gonna sit and fold hands like AK? Now....What is wrong with you and your friends if you are getting raised 10x your opening bet (and seem to think this is reasonable) and even more so that you think re-raising to 25 dollars (assuming he has 25 left) is also reasonable? You guys are already playing way way way to low of blinds for the stack sizes you have....if you are just shoving 25 bucks in preflop on the third bet with AK in a .05-.10 game something is way way way wrong.

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