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Masonry And Roman Catholic?

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No offense to other people who are involved here.Just want to ask if Masonry and Roman catholic has connivance to each other?
Pretty sure no.But that would be a pretty bad secret society if I knew what they were doing now...wouldn't it?
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Of course they are. Roman Catholics need to build churches after all.
Dude, they take like a couple hundred years to build one decent cathedral.Hardly seems like skilled labor force doesn't it?And if the Mason did do that, wouldn't they like hide that little project." Oh very nice, you built the Sistine Chapel, very nice indeed. What kind of time frame would I need to set aside for another chapel similar to that?"" mumble mumble years""I'm sorry?"" THREE HUNDRED YEARS OKAY""Oh my, yea, that will not work for me, but I'll get back to you if I have any projects in the future that I want to burden my great great great grandchildren with picking out the color of the baseboards..."
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