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Crazy Poker Story!

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Oh my God. What a crazy Session I just had at my local Casino. Let me start off by saying I am an MTT online player who occasionally goes to the casino for live 5-5 no limit Holdem. I enjoy it once in a while but the slow action is too boring to be a regular. Anyway, yesterday I drive up and sit down in the 5 - 5 NL game. Great action and alot of young degen's who obv just recently took up the game and shooting way to lose for this game. I buy in for 300 and slowly work it up to about 1200 in a matter of 3 hours. One of the younger kids has about 3 g's and is raising every pot. You know the Type, Hat Slanted, baggy Pants and some Basketball Jersey I can not make out. He raises 3 times and a monster POT gets played out where I have 22 on the PUCK, raise another Kid re raise,Old Scary looking man flats and two others flat. Anyway FLOP 2, A, K. Kid opens Another kid raise Old man flats and I flat, Original kid reshoves for 3 G"S, old man Calls WTF. Oh well If i ran into a set I lose. So I call my whole remaing 1 g. Kid turns over KK, Old man turns over AA and I turn over 22. FML........ Turn 3, so close!River 2 !!!!!!!!!!!! NO &*^$%^ Way....................ooohhh Ahhhh People from the rail Scream as I slowly collect about 4 and a half G's... Didn't count to be honest just stacked..I river Quads, was SICK. This is when it happens man. I dont say anything and start collecting my chips when The old man looks at the young kid and says " You are a BAstard" Kid is in Shock and mubbles BAck " Go and CROKE OLD MAN!"Not a moment later the man stands up and starts breathing heavy, he puts his hands out as if to grab the punk and lets out the most GASTLY scream I ever heard! THUMMMMMP falls on top of the POKER TABLE and TURNS BLUE! The man was bluer then the BLue man group. Very Scary. Someone screams get a doctor but nobody is coming for like 40 seconds??? There is an iweery silence at this point as everyone is in shock. YOung Kid blurts out " I didn't mean it man" Cryingly!FML, I am not gonna watch this old man crock so I get up flip him over and start doing CPR. I pump his Breast 3 times and then Breathe 3 times, pump 3 times and breathe 3 times. VEry Nasty kissing an old man but what can I do. Have to try right. After about the 4 th attempt I feel him spit up in my mouth. NASTY I jump up and I see a rush of blood come up his face and he opens his eyes and says I'm alive! Holy Smokes.. People start cheering and I see cops come in from behind and grab me and START PULLING on my LEG just like I am PULLING ON YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thought you guys could use that today:)

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wowowww. First off, nice pot, Way to bink that 1 outer. I can't imagine being at that table and seeing this all go down. Very kind of you to do what you did. wait is it april fools day?

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