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It seems like everyone rides him really hard -- he's kind of a punching bag for a lot of guys in poker.Considering his illness, does he have a support system from other players?[i'm softhearted, I know.]
Not a "support system" no, and the reason people ride him is the old adage: if you are going to dish it out, you better be able to take it, and Matusow is a needler extraordinaire.
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I've heard Mike say in his "Mouthpiece" video that he never really plays above 400/800.Is this because he thinks he can't stand up to the higher limit competition?.... or because he's usually running short on money?
He has played higher but recently he's decided that he doesn't want to deal with the swings emotionally and I think it's an excellent decision for him.
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why does mike wear a fanny pack, and have you told him to stop wearing it?
Mikey isn't exactly a fashionista and I really don't think he cares at all! He uses it to carry his meds and stuff and I think he'll be like 75 years old and still wearing one... but by then, I predict they make a comeback and are considered super stylish.
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