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New Challenge: Movin' On Up

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Logged into FTP today, you can check your balances now.


Since you asked here is a hand from yesterday, I've only just started playing some zoom so I don't have a lot of reads on the players. Villain is 4 tabling, 20/15 over 222 hands and has a poker term in his screen name.



feral_cow_icon.gifFeral Cow Poker

HEM/Poker Stars NL Hold'em $0.25/$0.50 - 9 players


Button: $25.75

SB: $64.19

BB: $253.40

UTG: $69.73

UTG+1: $119.21

MP: $78.82

MP2: $41.80

HJ: $62.59

CO: $56.35 (Hero)


Preflop: ($0.75) Hero is CO with :kd:ks (9 players)

5 folds, Hero raises to $1.50, 2 folds, BB calls $1.00


Flop: ($3.25) :4s:4h:9d (2 players)

BB checks, Hero bets $2.50, BB raises to $6.00, Hero calls $3.50


Turn: ($15.25) :6h (2 players)

BB checks, Hero checks


River: ($15.25) :6d (2 players)

BB bets $245.90, Hero is confused


On the flop seems like he could be doing this with air a fair amount, especially after he doesn't bet the turn but when he over bet ships the river I dunno what to think.

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This deserves to get seen by a few more people. From our resident Stupidhead...v1.27Feral Cow Poker Hand ConverterHEM/Poker Stars NL Hold'em $1.00/$2.00 - 6 playersButton: $237.98SB: $200.00BB: $60.00

I remember when this thread was all about how bad KJ was at 3betting

He's probably not flatting KJ's raise otf if he had a2. Besides, A2 is such a small portion of his range here, we are never ever ever ever ever ever ever folding the turn. People are stupid, they do

Posted Images

I also logged into FTP and my RSA app still worked. Unfortunately US player balances show $0 :(


For your hand; I'm folding. He reps super thin; really just 99 54s (and a few combos of AA and A4s). But I think that he's going to have it most of the time.


Your range looks pretty showdown-y, so I love it as a bluff, just not sure if this guy will bluff enough to make it a good call.


I'm trying to talk myself into a call; do you have his c/r flop stat? And by mentioning he has a poker term in his sn are you suggesting he might be a good reg? Doubt he ever jams with QQ/JJ tho, right?


Interesting spot

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QED, what kind of poker term? Someone named 'donkalicious'/'kingsup' is less likely to be good than someone named '4betbluff'.


Also, that hand is pretty bizarre. Seems impossible for him to have a bluff or a value hand. We're sure it's not a misclick? But yeah, I guess I'd be inclined to think it's 99/44/66/64 if he's got value. Trying to figure out how he'd have a bluff. I guess I cry-fold.

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I have him as x/r 25% (one out of four on my sample) and I would expect him to 3 bet JJ or QQ pre at least some of the time.


When I say he had a poker term in his name I do mean along the lines of "4 bet bluff" so it would seem like he might have some idea of what he is doing, especially as he is 4 tabling.


What confused me the most is that if he is value betting what does he think that I might have that I can call with after I check back the turn? Just seems like unbelievable nonsense from him.

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tell me more about the bitcoin and how you play poker with them...



Simply, it's a completely digital and anonymous currency. It's currently trading at roughly 1BTC for 11USD. The process to play...you get a Dwolla account and fund it with a checking account. From there, you fund a Mt. Gox account (one of several BitCoin exchanges). And then from there, you fund your Seals With Clubs account. For 1BTC, you get 1000 chips on SWC. It takes a little while to get everything set up, but once it's done, it's probably speediest deposit/withdraw method available in the US. Once I got USD on Mt. Gox, converting them to BTC was extremely fast (couple of minutes). Depositing those BTC on SWC was also very fast (a minute). Tested the withdraw...took a couple of hours to get the BTC back to Mt. Gox (though they claim on the site it can take up to 12 hours). Not sure how long it'll take to go Mt. Gox -> Dwolla -> Checking, but from what I hear, just a few days.


At the moment, they mostly have traffic at micro and small stakes (played a good bit of ~10nl/25nl yesterday and some small tournaments), though they potentially offer games up through high stakes. The client is web-based and fairly robust for what it is.

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Still trying to grind out on ftp got myself in this spot today. I haven't got a working HUD for rush on ftp so the only reads I have on the players at the time are that I have them both marked as 4 tablers.



feral_cow_icon.gifA pack of feral cows chewed their cuds for .0043 seconds to convert this hand

HEM/Full Tilt NL Hold'em $0.25/$0.50 - 9 players


MP: $20.00

MP2: $97.90

HJ: $56.30

CO: $50.00

Button: $39.50

SB: $72.45 (Hero)

BB: $88.55

UTG: $39.50

UTG+1: $104.45


Preflop: ($0.75) Hero is SB with :ac:5c (9 players)

4 folds, HJ raises to $1.50, CO folds, Button calls $1.50, Hero raises to $6.50, 2 folds, Button raises to $19.75, Hero ?



My thoughts here are that the villain's play is unbelievable bs but his stack size means that he shouldn't be 4bet/folding here? I'm tempted to shove but our hand doesn't even do well against his bs range if he has put himself in a spot where he can't fold. So should I hate fold, hate shove or probably not have squeezed in the first place.

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It's not only his stack size, but his 4b size as well. It's flippin' huge man. He's probably not folding, so if you shove, so folding is probably best. I forgot how to do poker mathz though, so I guess if you can somehow come up with a reasonable range that you're doing okay against...


As for squeezing, it's fine depending on how the BB plays. You do open yourself to get squeezed when you just flat, so I like the squeeze. If I'm BB here though, I'd need a good reason/read to do anything other than just call.

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Logged on to FTP just now and 50NL FR rush isn't running due to lack of players. I guess everyone is doing their bonuses then going back to stars. Hopefully that means what is running will get softer.

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So I dunno if any of you microballers would be interested in a microstake on SWC, but let me know. Probability that it'll be the fastest cashouts available in the US.

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Cobalt, I really don't mean to knock what you're doing here, but there are a few things you should be made aware of.


tl;dr The software is insecure and it's very possible to predict the cards.


After some quick searching, it's obvious that SWC is built on a patch of the Python Poker Network. Source can be found here:



Now, I'm a huge proponent of open source software, but there's a huge problem when your randomizer algorithm is open source AND weak.


The particular portion I'm referring to is here:



After a quick google search, you'll find that /dev/urandom is quite predictable after enough tries at getting server timings right, and well, there's a whole ancient article on the whole art here:



Not the best one I've ever found, but I can't find the one where the guy was actually predicting party poker turn and river cards after a few adjustments.


Anyway, if you and your affiliates ever become popular enough where your site is worth attacking... you know where to find the world's best poker playing Python writing security expert.


And if you don't... well, there are other ways of making money off that popularity teehee.



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Ninja, I have no official affiliation with the site. Just been running up a roll there and am interested in it getting more traffic. While your security points are going a bit over my head, I think they're likely valid. Any way that I can encourage you to get in touch with the guys that run the site?


Oh, and here's their thread over at 2+2...



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