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New Challenge: Movin' On Up

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This deserves to get seen by a few more people. From our resident Stupidhead...v1.27Feral Cow Poker Hand ConverterHEM/Poker Stars NL Hold'em $1.00/$2.00 - 6 playersButton: $237.98SB: $200.00BB: $60.00

I remember when this thread was all about how bad KJ was at 3betting

He's probably not flatting KJ's raise otf if he had a2. Besides, A2 is such a small portion of his range here, we are never ever ever ever ever ever ever folding the turn. People are stupid, they do

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Anyone have any thoughts on the soon to be returning FTP? No idea what the player pool will be like when it comes back but I should have a large Iron man bonus to clear so I don't know if I want to play there or not.

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I'm more concerned about if it will just be a lot of regs with cash on the site and very few fish to start with.

everyone with money is getting those emails.


I think a lot of people who forgot they had money on the site will be looking to punt.


I also think a lot of regs will be looking to withdraw a large portion of their accounts. Game quality could be anything really.

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Happy Halloween, friends!



6 more weeks of school and job searching. Then maybe I'll get back to poker. Someone (QED, I'm looking at you) should post some hands. I'd love to comment.

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