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Sng Grinder Thread

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HIHO SNG Thread!I've realised that my student loan isn't enough to cover my expenses while studying, so I've started playing some in-between my studying again.Mainly sticking to mtts, but throwing in a few 180 $3+rebuys when it's slow.

ya anything with <10 minute blind increases is pretty much just bingo
You are prob kidding Tbrick, but just so no one is mistaken, there are fairly decent edges avilable in turbo and shortstacked play, as long as you keep it at the lower buy-in levels. I think it is a general misconception that turbos are harder to beat consistently with a good EV compared to normal tournaments, at least for the lower buyin ranges. The thing with turbos is that you are bound to end up all in a lot, and thus you have to rely on the cards favoring you. If they do not, then it will be impossible to win no matter how good you are, but that does not make the edges any smaller. You also have to make fewer and often easier decisions than in regular tournaments, which makes it a more solvable game than the latter. This means that the edges between two really good players will be very small, but if you play at the lower buy-in ranges that does not matter much as there are tons of fish with massive leaks making it a very profitable game. :club::ts
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