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Ask Me About... Tom "durrr" Dwan

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OK, so I have some free time and want to do some fun stuff here in the forum. So here is how this works. In this thread, you guys can ask me anything you want about my thoughts on Tom Dwan. Make your questions short and sweet and I'll reply to them when I can. Try to keep the "chit chat" to a minimum and just focus on ONE simple question at a time and I'll answer it. This week we'll do Tom Dwan, and then you can vote for who you want the feature player to be next week in the poll. Sound fun? Fire away...

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Cool topic...Do you think Durr will win multiple WSOP braclets despite his limited tournament play?
In his lifetime? Absolutely. I think now that he's signed with a site he'll try a bit harder in tournaments, plus I just laid him 400k to 200k on a bracelet bet this year, me versus him. If we both win one or more it's a push.
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Does it annoy you every time durrrr tanks for like 2 minutes on every decision in live cash games?
YES it does!!! I find it mind boggling that the kid can play four heads up games online and not time out, but when he plays one live cash game he takes so long on most decisions. In fairness, he does play a lot of hands so he's in a lot of marginal spots, but still, it's a bit too much sometimes.
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Does he have a future, do you think he can evolve as top players learn his game?
He is a great player. This has been a hard year for him and that could effect his confidence, but when I played with him on HSP this season he played fantastic. He doesn't seem to understand limit poker yet, and seems quite juicy, but I'm sure he'll get better at it eventually once he spends some time on it.
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