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Re: Why I Gave Up On The Toronto Maple Leafs

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Hi Daniel,I know you know the Leafs a lot better than I do, so this reply is coming from a Sharks fan looking in.In my opinion, many of your points are valid in the blog entry, however I don't think goaltending is really the root of the problem for the Leafs.Look at how well Toskala played in San Jose, http://www.nhl.com/ice/player.htm?id=84621...avid=nhl-searchHe has done really poorly when he has played as a Leaf. Did he just become a poor goaltender overnight? I don't think so. Also: The Hall of Fame Game I watched against the Red Wings confirmed to me that Monster can be great in goal, I was really impressed by how well he was moving in the crease. I'd have to think this all points to a really poor defense overall. Tukka Rask may be a really good goalie, but I think it's a little early to tell. I mean, he's playing on the Bruins, and their defensemen are great at defense. Would you really expect Rask to have a comparable amount of success if the Leafs had kept him and he was making appearances for them this year?-Kevin

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First off I am just wondering if Mr. Negreanu reads anything that is written on the forums. So assuming there is a .01% chance he reads this I'll type my mind.Toskala is not a number 1 goalie in the nhl. He can be a great back up playing maybe 20 games a season against so so teams. He was good in SJ when he played minimal games. He is not the greatest goalie under pressure and tends to back into his net, once a goal is scored on him. And as for Gustavsson.. he will and has to be the future goalie of the Leafs. If he can stay healthy he'll be a great goalie at the nhl level. As for the defence, it's coming around.Ok now to respond to Mr. Negreanu's blog. I agree that JFJ made some awful choices to save his job. And of course the razor thing was one of the worst trades in recent history (In a Leaf fans opinion of course). Tukka Rask will be a good nhl goalie, as we have seen so far. The Kessel trade.. (which I almost debated with you in a wcoop event before you were knocked out) in my opinion was a great trade. Do you really think that the Leafs are going to finish in the bottom 5 in the next two seasons? That is just asinine. We gave up two first rounders probablly in the 10-20 range and a 2nd rounder in the 40-50 range. It happens that there are great players who pop up in those spots, but not often. That being said I do agree with you that the trade was a little too quick, because Kessel was injured and the Leafs had an horrendous start to the season. But I really don't think the bruins will get a player with the Leafs picks that have Kessel's caliber. He is one the best goal scorers in the League. And as for his lack of defensive play as some would have you think... he is a great backchecker. And remember this, he is only 21.. we didn't trade away 2 firsts and a 2nd for a 37year old has been. This guy is a stud and a great player to build your offence around. And we have him inked to a 5 year deal not a 3 year deal...As for Brian Burke.. look at what he has done since hes been the GM.. this of course is in one short year. He traded Antropov and Kubina for picks, drafted Kadri in the first round and some good North American talent in the later rounds. Scouted the US college ranks and was able to sign Hanson and Bozak. Worked day and night and was able to sign the best non NHL goalie (which more than 20 teams were after) in The Monster. Signed komisarek and Beauchemin as ufas. Did some other minor moves and bought a draft pick from TB (lol). And of course got a budding star sniper in Phil Kessel. Now if you truly believe that this is Brian Burke's finished product in Toronto.. then you sir are mistaken. Next off season he will have some cap space to work with in signing a free agent or two. Even if it's not a superstar I am confident he will get a good player or two.We haven't really seen what Bozak and Hanson can do at the NHL level as of yet. Everyone is pretty sure that Kadri will be a number 1 or 2 centre. I don't remember the last time that the Leafs actually had depth at the prospect level.I might be laughed at when I say I stick by the Leafs making the playoffs this year.. but I truly know they will. And if by some chance they don't.. then look at some potential trade bait in Hagman and Poni, whose stock have risen this year. You can also include Kaberle if he waives and there is a big offer out there for him.So anyways I've been a long time reader of your blog and have decided to register to the site just to type my mind on the Leafs. If you want to go cheer for the islanders, be my guest. Just remember who to cheer for in Vancouver!I am not sure how much money you make, and it could be more than the president and general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs.. but remember this he is the president and gm and for good reason. He isn't some stupid person that you think he is. If the Leafs fail in the next 5 years I'll owe you a beer or two (but they wont) I guess in the age of the internet every joe blow thinks he can manage a sports franchise better than the guy at the helm. GO LEAFS GO and be a BeLeafer!! not a traitor :club:

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