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Plo Club Hu Tourney?

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I'm not much of an organiser, but would there be any interest in getting 8 peeps from this little PLO sect that is going right now an playing like a best of X HU Sng tourney?Or maybe even just pick a random weeknight and meet up here and plan to join the same 8 man HU shootout (as they don't fill up that fast).Just thinking out loud, I would just love to play against some people i quasi-know....plus then we could come back with a bunch of thoughts and q's regarding our direct H2H play.

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ive never really played HU, but id be down. ive got FT, stars, and UB accounts. another idea might be instead of trying to get everyone together at once, we could play like HU $1 PLO like a freezeout. make a bracket and winner advances to next "round." Random draw for matchups and then we could play them whenever's most convenient (within a time frame).we used to have some games like these playing LHE back in the day. I whooped JaysonWeber's @$$

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