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I have a beef, I must vent. this is by no means an novel observation, it's being discussed heavily all over fight forums as we speak.   Canelo is a great fighter and it made perfect sense to make th

Someone asked me "who won the fight last night", and I answered "the UFC".

My father was a pretty big boxing fan, so he was pretty sad that I grew up to be a faggot.   That being said, I was raised on Ali stories. If boxing was on TV, we watched, and my father always made

Watched Czar Glazkov out-brain Garrett Wilson for 10 rounds.

Props to Wilson for taking the fight on very little notice to replace Adamek.


When I was young, my dad told me something that completely defined everything I did. We were hunting deer, he told me the objective wasn't to shoot 'at' the deer, it was to shoot 'into' the deer. The difference between doing something and hoping it turns out well versus doing something with deliberation is so different. You watch Wilson throw those haymakers, he wasn't throwing them into Czar. He was throwing them 'at' Czar.

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Kubrat v Wlad in a few weeks.

I haven't watched Wlad recently nor Kubrat at all but a friend of mine who has an opinion I value suggests that this guy may be the real deal.

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NBCSN right now. Cunningham v Visinia.


Really good fight. Major proof that 'size does matter'. Visinia has 75 pounds on him and that ****** throws bombs.

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GGG Canelo would sell, that's for sure but doesn't Canelo mostly fight at LMW or lighter and GGG at MW?


They could definitely make the fight since they're close enough in weight range to do it easily but if they wanted to avoid each other, that would be the excuse.


Apparently GGG brained Rubio. I haven't had a chance to see it yet.


Edit: Saw it. Rubio laid down.

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