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Tactical_Bear: Alright everyone, find your seats; we're about to get: started.


ranthemover: We already started and finished. I gave her my heart and she gave me a cheeseburger.


gyaygi: I can has cheezburger?


Tactical_Bear: Guys, guys, let's try to stay focused on: why we're here. Thank you and welcome to the FCP chapter of Anonymous Anonymous. Tonight's lesson is: Imitation: Not Always the Sincerest Form of Flattery.


It looks like we have some new people here; thank you for joining us. I'll get us started.


Hello, my name is NOT Tactical Bear.


Everyone: Hello Not Tactical Bear.


Tactical_Bear: I guess for me it started in: the sick thread.


Cardwarfare`: You're doing it again Not TB.


Tactical_Bear: Damn, you're right. The problem I have is that these little idiosyncrasies are something I can hold onto, something I can turn to when I've run out of ideas. But that's why I'm here. Because I'm a real poster and that real poster can contribute too.




*TB sits down, RodReynalds walks to the podium*


RodReynalds: Hi, my name is NOT RodReynolds.


Everyone: Hello Not RodReynolds.


RodReynalds: I wasn't trying to mock RodReynolds IN A HURTFUL MANNER. I love RodReynolds. I think it was jealousy more than anything else. I wanted so much for him to post more that it made me want to PUNCH ICEBERG LETTUCE IN THE NECK.


JoeyJoJo`: Hey Not RodReynolds, you're not imitating the right poster. And your imitation doesn't make any sense, nor is it even done well. This is like a strike 'em out, throw 'em out double play where you swing so hard your pants fall down revealing you have a small penis.


rcqs59: small penis lol,


Tactical_Bear: Not Joey, Not Rose, remember where you are. Maybe one of you would like to share next?


LadyGhey: Um, hi, am I in the right place?


chrazzo: Hi


Tactical_Bear: I believe you're looking for Alter-Egos Anonymous; that's in the room next door. I'm in there too.


LadyGhey: You're...in there too?


JoeyJoJo`: Sorry about that; we're trying to get better. Go next door. You'll find Voldemort, Sal Paradise, and a few others.


El Guapo: Watch your ass.


Tactical_Bear: Ok, let's get back to: business. Who wants to...wait, why is El Guapo here?


El Guapo: *shrugs*


strategy's touch: Where do I go?


chrazzo: Yuo cn go straihgt to hell!


speedz99: *comes in and gets the popcorn*


Tactical_Bear: C'mon everyone, calm down. This is: Anonymous Anonymous, but we're all still real people here.


JoeyJoJo`: For ****'s sake man, you are like the worst Tactical Bear ever. All you do is throw in some random colons and that's supposed to mean something? And why the hell are you in charge anyway?


Tactical_Bear: 'Cause I'm Mr. Manager.


JoeyJoJo`: Alright, I'll give you a single for that.


dna4now: Ok, I'm locking this thread up right now before things really get out of hand.


dna4awhile: Can't you let it go a little while longer?


dna4aweek: Yeah, maybe a week or two?


dna4aday: I don't think I could handle more than one.


dna4lastnight: That's not what you said last night.


Tactical_Bear: I...don't think you guys are doing that right.


But the first dna is right; we should probably adjourn for the evening. Quick reminder that we have a very special guest speaker next week: vbnautilus. The topic of his address will be The Long Con. That should be a lot of fun and very informative.


rcqs59: Not lmoa,


Tactical_Bear: Uh-oh, could Not Q's sponsor see him right away please?

gyagyi: Tactical_Bear called the meeting to order.tactical.jpg

Ran and G interrupted.ranandg.jpg

Tactical_Bear shared his story.tactical.jpg

RodReynalds shared his story.rodx.jpg

JoeyJoJo` mocked him.joeyg.jpg

rcqs59 lol'd.rosej.png

LadyGhey showed up.ladyop.jpg

Chrazzo said hi.lizarde.jpg

El Guapo was there.guapu.jpg

There was some drama.dramak.jpg

Multiple dna's restored order.clonedn.jpg

Tactical_Bear closed the meeting.tactical.jpg


Everyone: ...


JoeyJoJo`: Well that sucked.

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I :club: cats pp36_22_151.gif

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I'm surprised they record a transcript at an anonymous meeting like this.
The motion to conduct the meeting in camera was conducted while in camera, therefore there was no record that the motion was ever put forward and the meeting was publicly recorded.
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