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Scott Montgomery's Dad Hates On Daniel

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I wasn't "in" Eastgate's section, I was in between the Russian section and the Danish section where other pros gathered and there were seats available. I thought the spirit of Eastgate's fans was awesome and had fun with the song. I also had fun with the Russian crew.I knew Darius from dealing with some PokerStars stuff in Toronto and wished him luck. I was rooting for Demidov over anyone else to start the final table. I thought him winning would be the best for poker and I knew he was a good player. I was also rooting for Kelly Kim, because I liked that guy. I ended up rooting for Eatgate also because I liked his approach, he played really well and won with a small ball approach.I didn't even know Scott was Canadian! Not until much later. I had never spoken to him before the final table, and I don't recall ever running into him since.I didn't have any real rooting interest at all for that final table, but was pleased with who made the final two. I thought it was a great FT. I DID talk to the Canadians there on several occasions during breaks. I didn't sit there, because I was sitting with all of the people I knew in a section between Eastgate and Demidov's section.I didn't have any rooting interest in Scott. He wasn't a PokerStars guy, and from the footage I saw on ESPN leading up the final table he seemed to play quite differently than I do. I watch TV and end up having my favorites just like anybody else. Scott just didn't excite me all that much I guess, nothing personal, I just liked some of the other guys better I guess.This year I'd like to bet that Moon does NOT win. I'd bet even money on a must win bet- Ivey vs. Moon. Seriously, I'd absolutely bet on that, but obviously not a last longer. Of the other guys, I'm not sure who I'm rooting for yet, although I was impressed with the short stack Ackenhead and think him winning would be a good story. I'll watch the ESPN footage and pick my favorites based on that, just like all of you will.

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scott montgomery sounds like a girl when he talks.
and he's goofy looking
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