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£10,000 Wsope Main Event | Final Table

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looks like barry sucked out pretty bad. daniel's behind now.

Shulman Cracks Negreanu's Aces to Double Up and Take the LeadNegreanu raised his button and Shulman reraised. Call.Flop: {6-Hearts} {8-Hearts} {K-Diamonds}Shulman bet out -- and Negreanu announced all in. Instacall.Shulman: {A-Hearts} {5-Hearts}Negreanu: {A-Clubs} {A-Spades}Turn: {2-Hearts}The crowd exploded with various shoutings.River: a sad {A-Diamonds} as if to mock NegreanuShulman enjoys a full double-up and is now in possession of three quarters of the chips in play. Negreanu meanwhile is left with, obviously, one quarter.
that's just awful...hell, how much bad luck can you have? he had already kings and it didn't pay off...
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straight flushes though
Quite right, I stand corrected :club:
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DN just had aces again. i so want him to win this with T7 off, just because all these premium hands were worth nothing...
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pokernews sucks today. jeffrey pollack and matthew parvis are owning them with their tweets.

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