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Well Dallas had a weird draft. I questioned them when they drafted Sean Lee and Bruce Carter, both of whom turned out to be pro-bowl quality LBs so what do I know. Doesn't seem like they got great value, but we'll have to wait a year or three before we can really judge them.


It was fun to watch Lacy and Barkley drop, not a fan of either really. Surprised to see Barkley get drafted by a guy who was in the Pac-12, kind of makes me think I'm missing something with him...


Overall Winner: 49ers. Incredible moves, great depth and even got a pick for next year too. They now have three additional picks next year due to the Alex Smith trade and another trade last August.


Overall Loser: NYJ. I know Rex is a defensive coach and they traded Revis, but that offense has been one of the worst in the league for years. They used to at least have a good offensive line so they could get by, but drafting so heavily on the defensive side of the ball in recent years has left them with little depth. They added a few late round guys to the o-line, but passed up on first round talent to take a DT and CB. Then they draft Geno Smith into one of the most controversial situations in the league with little to no weapons around him.

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Did anyone just watch that 3rd and 7 scramble? Cam is such an incredible creature.

That Bama-Auburn ending is the most hilarious thing I've ever seen. How fabulous.

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So Aaron Hernandez is being questioned by police about some murder, his house was searched and the police removed a box from his home.


Heres a USA Today article about it.






My favorite part of the article was the closing paragraph about Tim Tebow. There is literally no reason to have this in the story, given what came before it


" Hernandez played in college with Tim Tebow, who was recently signed by the Patriots"


That sentence is such a non sequitur, that I feel like the AP writer has some sort of wager about who can jam the most Tebow References into stories this year,

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From this game, this is my favorite thing ever. A Detroit radio host from MSU (my alma mater) gives the greatest rant I have ever heard after Sparty chokes against ND in 2006. The whole thing is about 15 minutes long, but it is really worth listening to. Just... listen to his voice. And his cohost and producer.


Part 1


Part 2



The last half of the first part is where it just becomes unreal. His voice is so gone he ends up having to take a few days off. I heard this thing live. I was in my car and I was just in awe.

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lol @ Marcus Vick



Tweets out a bunch of stuff about Cooper including putting a $1,000 bounty on the first guy to light him up on the football field and now he's claiming his page was hacked.

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God I hate preseason football so much. Why on earth would you schedule two top 5 teams in San Fran and Denver against each other. Complete waste of what could have been a great game.

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Soon this bastard Johnny football will pay for his terrible crimes. Money for autographs? Jesus kid show some respect for the game. Knute Rockne is spinning in his grave.


He got suspended.


For half of a game.

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This is the best thing ever: http://www.sbnation....nsion-photo-buy



Johnny Manziel was suspended for violating the NCAA bylaw forbidding a player from allowing "the use of his or her name or picture to advertise, recommend or promote directly the sale or use of a commercial product or service of any kind."


Texas A&M announced the suspension with a post on their website with a photo of Manziel...that is available for purchase.



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