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So I cashed out a bit of my BR recently, needed the cash to pay for school. Since I did that, I've been on the worst, most brutal and sick run of my life (I'm down about 20 BI's). Just finished a session that included back to back hands, JJ v TT the first, TT v 99 the second. Villain turns quad T's the first hand, and only hits his set in the door on the second. Don't think I won a coinflip over 30 SnG's, with either the overcards or the pair. Didn't win 60% of the 60/40's I'm sure, and every GD time I got deep in the tourney, I'd shove blind on blind and get snap called by A's or K's.Holy hell I needed to vent badly, time to take a break for a while methinks.

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I think taking a break is a good idea! :club: We've all had our runs of bad luck. A bad run can't go on forever. Hopefully your luck will turn around soon! Good luck!
That's what i don't understand at all. If a 2 outer hits on the river 5% of the time, therefor it happening 5 times in a row is 3125/10 000 000 000 or 1/3 200 000 ... why the **** does it happen every so often. What about the theory that luck evens out... eh?
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