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Random Basketball Observations

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can't you go five minutes without putting black people down?

Jeff Stotts ‏@RotowireATC Hear me out. Mavs sign Seth Curry, Jason Thompson, & Gerald Green. Then roll out a lineup of Curry, Thompson, Green, Barnes, & Bogut.

have to love JR Smith   J.R. Smith apparently drives a $450,000 armored truck around New York City now    

No chance wisonsin is in the final four. NO CHANCE.


Wisconsin will be lucky to beat American.

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I've got Florida winning Saturday's game, but my original bracket was them against Colorado, and they'll be playing Pitt instead.


If Florida does win that game, do I still get points, or do you only get them if both teams playing are ones you picked in the previous round?

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I don't know shit about the NBA, but I'll be betting a few games here and there on Bovada. Nothing major, just like $10 or so a game. Should be fun.


Today I have


Toronto (-6 1/2) / Atlanta

Dallas (-4) / New Jersey

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