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can't you go five minutes without putting black people down?

Jeff Stotts ‏@RotowireATC Hear me out. Mavs sign Seth Curry, Jason Thompson, & Gerald Green. Then roll out a lineup of Curry, Thompson, Green, Barnes, & Bogut.

have to love JR Smith   J.R. Smith apparently drives a $450,000 armored truck around New York City now    

ESPN had some ACC basketball players draw their teams' mascots. (I have no idea how to write that sentence. Draw their team's mascot? teams' mascots?) Here is what Syracuse's CJ fair came up with:




Look at that smile.

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Zack Lowes new article is interesting, but I laughed out loud at this part:


"I went into last season absolutely sure Miami would win the title, and I felt even more strongly when the playoffs opened. This season? I've no clue. It feels like the first time since the start of 2011-12 that I might take the field over the Heat."


He has NO CLUE who's going to win... but it's close enough that he MIGHT EVEN THINK about choosing the field over the Heat.


Wow. That is close.

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Every time brv talks about basketball, I die a little inside.



I love the fact that a guy with the nickname "Psycho T" is backing down from the guy whose name is "World Peace."


That's because the guy called "Psycho T" is a fake tough guy. He's really just a hack and I hate that he's now a Raptor because while the team stinks I at least want players on the team that I don't hate.

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I just want it to be clear that I liked the first post because of the T-Psycho/World Peace line.


The other line was stupid and wrong. Lowe made a dumb comment, and you should agree with me on that.



Also from Bob's link:


If I was an owner, and my GM answered this question:

"If you were starting a franchise today and could sign any player in the NBA, who would it be?"



... with anything other than LeBron, I would fire him.

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Lowe's comment is basically how I feel.


This is the first year where I'm not super confident the Heat will win. Going to the Finals three years in a row is physically and mentally exhausting and then you've got the Olympics in there for Lebron too. So I can say, "I don't think the Heat will do it," but figuring out who the team that does win it is tough. Pacers, Bulls, Spurs, Thunder, Clippers, and maybe even the Nets all have a shot. Rockets and Grizzlies too? Warriors if Curry goes nuts?


The Heat are still the best team to bet on, even if you're not confident that they'll do it.

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I think we all agree with you, and feel the same way. There are many teams that are good this year, and it's going to be awesome to watch it play out. However, that's why it's such a funny comment. The only way anyone would be willing to bet against the Heat is if they could bet on EVERY OTHER TEAM. And even then, Lowe just might start - to begin - to think about.... mayyyyybe.... doing that.


It just reinforces how good the Heat are.

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Are we considering the lines with that? Or is this a strictly hypothetical bet?


The Heat are +240. I don't think that's good enough for me to bet. But what would a field bet look like? I doubt I'd want any part of that either.


Taking a quick scan at the odds, if I had to bet a team, I'd probably take the Bulls at +1000.

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