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Acorn: Our Tax Dollars Hard At Work

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Two Cheers for Andrew BreitbartSometimes it takes an outsider to show the press corps the way.By Jack Shafer(excerpts)Last week, thanks to the sponsorship of Andrew Breitbart's new site BigGovernment.com, self-described activist filmmaker James O'Keefe, 25, and his colleague Hannah Giles, 20, brought national scrutiny to the progressive Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, with a series of guerilla videos that are one part 60 Minutes, two parts Punk'd, three parts Ali G, and four parts Michael Moore, all bubbling under a whipped topping of yellow journalism.If you're late to the story, Andrew Breitbart is a conservative author, columnist, Web entrepreneur, and Matt Drudge protégé. Lately, he has distributed a series of videos made by O'Keefe and Giles in which the duo visits various ACORN offices with a hidden camera, pretending to be a pimp and prostitute seeking advice on setting up a brothel. ACORN workers in Baltimore; Washington, D.C.; San Diego; San Bernardino, Calif; and Brooklyn, N.Y., took the bait, and now ACORN is on the run, firing underlings, making excuses, and responding to charges of mismanagement and fraud. On Capitol Hill, Congress is getting ready to defund the organization, which has taken in at least $53 million in federal money since 1994....If you think Breitbart has corrupted the press, then you probably think he's done the same to the U.S. Census Bureau and the Internal Revenue Service, too. Today's (Sept. 23) Washington Post reports that the bureau, citing a lack of confidence in ACORN, has dumped the organization as a partner in the 2010 count, and just coming over the wires is news that the IRS has dismissed ACORN from its volunteer tax-assistance program. Next to shed ACORN will be oak trees everywhere. You read it here first.(full story at link)
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It doesn't matter if the news isn't covering it because it is all over the internet. I actually found out about it through facebook. I don't think we should be funding a program that is providing this type of advise, but I think they should just install more regulations over ACORN.

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